Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oatman Photos

Gosh, the weather has just been so nice that I have neglected my computer.  I finally found some time this evening to post some of the photos from our Oatman adventure.
This guy was very curious about the camera and I didn't even notice what was in the background till I got home and saw this guy.....
 He is a bit out of focus, but do you think he was complaining about my picture taking?
 Then we saw this guy with the "bent ear" he has this perpetual "What?" kinda look!
 One band man and his entourage
 Poor Billy.......


  1. looks like a funny place... maybe we will check it out.

  2. Great pics of all the donkeys! We've got to visit Oatman now for sure!

  3. I have GOT to see this place. I think the donkey in the background is laughing at the other one for getting so close to the camera.

  4. We really liked Oatman. One of those donkeys does not look that happy.


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