Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoo Trip

Visited the Tampa Zoo the other day and I have to say I have been to better Zoos, but I did find some interesting critters there.....
Would you believe this "baby" rhino is only 12 days old?
This little fellow is a Cloud Leopard...not sure how old she is, but she is a young that sweet face.
This really got my attention...I have seen many a Pink flamingo but never a grey and white.  I know that flamingos get their color from the coral they eat, but I assumed they would be all white...guess not.
This meercat seemed to love posing for the camera!
I fell in love with this beautiful white tiger.....and 32 years ago today I fell in love with the man of my dreams and truly the love of my Billy...."Happy Anniversary, Honey" and yes, you can still curl my toes.....LOL!


  1. Lowery Zoo is a small one BUT it has come a long way from years past... it is great for a day with the kids. Glad you enjoyed it! Happy Anniversary to you both!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Sorry, my first time posting on blogspot, I forgot to include my blog address on the post above.

  3. Great photos! Love that Cloud Leopard. Happy Anniversary to you.


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