Friday, February 13, 2009

Feb 12, 2009

Today DH suggested we check out the farmer’s market in downtown yuma. He was sure it was going on today between 10am an 3pm. After breakfast we headed that direction. This time we mapped out our journey before we left and we still manage to take a wrong turn---somehow we drove right by “main street”. Any hoo got turned around and managed to find it and a parking space. We saw several venders, but it looked like they were just setting up their booths. It was already past noon so we were not sure what was happening. I finally went into a local coffee shop and asked the owner. Apparently, DH had his days confused......the market is on Tuesdays. Today folks were getting set up for a craft and art show this coming weekend. I would like to see that, but I doubt I get DH to go for that.

Came back home and I decided to bake a pie. A very wonderful apple, walnut, raisin pie. I used splenda so DH can enjoy it and it cuts down on some of those nasty calories. After the pie was out of the oven, DH took over the kitchen. It was time to make the furballs their doggie cookies. One nice thing about a day of baking--the rv was all cozy and warm by evening and smelled absolutely delicious!!

We did make the decision to stay put here in our little “sand lot” for another month. The weather is warm, the price is right, and the folks here are great---just not ready to move on as of yet. Maybe it is because I know once we start moving we will eventually end up back in Indiana. Not that Indiana is a bad place, but there is work waiting for us there. Our house needs to be put on the market this spring. We did a lot of painting and cleaning out last summer, but we still have a bedroom and bath to paint, new kitchen counters to put in, and some trim to be put up in the dining room before we put the for-sale sign out in the yard. I’m tired just thinking about it......


  1. Sure wish you could head to Kerrville and meet up with us for the gathering in March...

  2. I second Leno's suggestion!
    Come visit us in Kerrville!
    I understand the work needing to be done on your home, we are in the same position right now...painting and packing for a sale...ugh.Seriously though, think about going to Kerrville...


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