Monday, May 25, 2009

Chores and a Movie

Sunday, May 24, we awoke to sunshine peaking out from behind the clouds. There were puddles everywhere, but at least the rain was gone. I saw a beautiful young doe this morning, she was standing in our drive looking back at our fiver. It really took me by surprise. The deer just stood there and watched me and the furballs for awhile and then ‘poof’ she turned and was gone. I have seen deer before, of course, but their beauty and grace, their gentleness---it just never ceases to amaze me:-)

DH left for town to run some errands, while I stayed behind with the furballs. I decided today was a good day to give the fiver a good cleaning--that ended up taking most of the day.

By afternoon, DH had returned home with his supplies for tomorrow’s project. We are quite comfortable here at the river site, with one exception. Our fiver is about 150 feet away from the sewer drop and it is an uphill run. DH has used a hose and our macerater in the past. The problem was the small size diameter of the hose. This year he has decided to use 1 inch pvc pipe to reach the drop. I let you know how it all goes.....hopefully the rain that is coming tomorrow will hold off till evening.

After dinner we settled in for the night, watching a DVD “The Thin Man”. I have the box set of the movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy and of course Asta, the wired haired fox terrier. I just love these old black and white fact, Asta is why we now have two wired haired fox terriers of our own. I just can’t imagine life with out those two lovable furballs in my life.....their faces just melt my heart.....spoiled?.....I think you already know the answer to that one......

Lastly, I thought I’d bring you up to date on our Direct TV project. DH called to order the setup and was told repeatedly that since we were “rvers” we would have to purchase the dish and buy our own tripod. What they were pushing us to buy was the roof top mount, which we know will not work at the river location. Now, while we were in Yuma our next door neighbor had Direct TV installed and she received her dish and tripod and even a special antenna for local channels ‘free of charge’. DH related this story to them and they still didn’t have a clue--needless to say he is very frustrated by the whole mess. I think we have a plan to get around this and I’ll let you know if we are successful. In the meantime; anybody with any suggestions, please let us know. We are currently in Indiana with Delphi being the closest city to us.


  1. We had to buy our dish and tripod when we had it installed here at the park. We take it with us when we go

  2. If you want to come up here to The Beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, I can get you with a Directv provider in Rapid City that MOST certinally understands RV's. He will sign you up with Directv at no charge and you will get a complete system, up to 4 recievers,,,,,,one can be a DVR with NO CHARGE... All services including HBO,,etc. FREE for like 4 months... You can have your own tripod or mount and he will send out an installer, who will set it up, aim it and set hook it up in your RV and thats also include for FREE!!! This guy has been doing it for us for years. We have sent many others to him and they are quite happy with his service and knowledge...

    Never,,,ever tell directv that you travel in an RV...That's a NO-NO...



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