Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internet headaches....

I'm sure you have all noticed that I am not posting as regularly as I used to......that is because we do not have internet at the river site. We tried, unsuccessfully, this morning to set up our satellite system. There are just two many trees in our way. DH had me look into some alternatives. Currently we would have to go with an ATT aircard and then boost our cell phone signal with a wireless antenna. I have to go wireless on the cell phone antenna because I use an Iphone and it does not give you direct access to the internal antenna. We did find out that ATT and Apple are working on this problem. Apparently there is an "Ibooster" in the works for an external antenna that will boost Iphone's signal and an application to be released so one could "teather" the Iphone directly to the laptop to receive internet. All this is supposed to be upcoming this summer. In the meantime, we will continue to use the internet at the stick house, so my blog postings may not be as frequent as before.

I will tell you it feels good to be back at the river. It is so quiet and peaceful there. Last night we cooked steaks over the campfire and later I had my first s'more of the season........mmmm good!

This morning I looked out my kitchen window and what did I spy? A mama ground hog taking her two babies out for a stroll. DH and I were both enjoying the sight when "Blue" unexpectedly arrived. Now, "Blue" is the neighboor's dog. He lives about 3 lots down from us and usually always comes by at least once a day to say hello. He is some kind of hunting dog and has the most beautiful blue eyes, hence the name "Blue". Normally I welcome Blue with open arms, but not today. I knew if he caught sight of the ground hog family---the hunt would be on! So, out the door I flew nightgown and all, clapping my hands and telling "Blue" to go home. Fortunately the ground hogs took cover and Blue, after a little barking protest, headed back home. So much for my peace and quiet! LOL! I sure hope the ground hog family comes back to visit another day. So cute!!


  1. We had that problem with our road runners and rabits. The neighbors dogs kept them running all the time... after a while they stopped coming around so we missed out on so much.

  2. The river sounds lovely. I could use some place like that right about now..


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