Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free At Last

Free At Last, FREE AT LAST!! It was so good to be out and about yesterday. We went out to dinner and then picked up some much needed groceries.

The photo above is of the shaft which some how managed to twist itself in two. The repair person said he saw no signs of abuse on our part and feels the shaft was probably defective from the get go.......as I have said before......if it ain't broke, give it to the Goode's and it soon will be.....LOL

Today is travel day--another rainy, gloomy day. We are heading east to Lake Thunderbird near Oklahoma City about 280 some miles----probably just spend one night and then off again.......


  1. Sherri and I wanted to stay there some time. Could you please take some pictures of the park and put them on your journal so we can see what it is like...I know you are only going to be there a short time but if you can get some pictures


  2. We will soon be out there traveling
    too,leaving North Ranch Thursday, day after tomorrow. will make about 400 miles a day. Will be in SD in short order......Gona try Gooseneck State Park near Medicne hat, UT. That's where Howard & Linda stayed on their way to Moab.

    Its supposed to be neat!!

    travel safe


  3. We hope your travels back to Indiana are safe and un-eventful!


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