Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 1, 2009

A new day a better mood. The sun is shining and the temps are on the rise. I decided to make DH an apple pie and myself a key lime pie. I do all of that from scratch--no ready made crust or filling for either one, so it took a good portion of the day. After the pies were done, I took the furballs out for a short walk around the park.

Next on the agenda, was my table project. I managed to get a coat of soft green on it. Now I have to figure out what comes next. I’ll post some pics tomorrow so you can see how it develops.

I almost forgot---the coyotes were close last night. They actually woke me up around 2am or 3am this morning. Not only were they howling, but barking and yipping. Went on for quite a while. I got a kick out of Cosmo. He obviously heard them and his answer was a very soft “woof” every once in awhile. He certainly saw no reason to get excited and up from his warm bed. I didn’t hear a sound from Belle. So much for the “call of the wild”!

Happy New Year to everyone. I wish only for good things to come your way......

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