Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jan 24, 2009

Well, although our travels were safe, we did run in to some unexpected issues on our journey to Yuma. Our first stop was Casa Grande, AZ. We located a SKP park called Rover’s Roost and spent the night. This park had very narrow streets, very tight turns, and the lots were very close together. DH backed into the spot without incident, but it was not an easy job. After we were parked, we headed into town for supper. We found a mexican restaurant and had a very good dinner. Back at the five, we settled in for a relaxing evening. Tomorrow we head for Yuma and Phyllis’s rv lot in the Foothills.

We arrived at Phyllis’s early afternoon and after hugs and hellos we started the “backing in” process. Unfortunately, no matter what angle DH approached the opening we just were not going to fit! At 40 feet, we were just to long and the gate opening and the street were just to narrow for us to make it in. We all agreed it was just not going to work. Phyllis did her best to find us another location in her subdivision, but it just did not work out. We thanked her for her efforts and headed out to find an rv park we could spend a night in and figure out where to go from here. We ended up in a place called Shangri-La. Nice park, but pricey and we were right next to the highway. They wanted 5.00 bucks for their WIFI and although we really needed internet.........I just wasn’t going to pay that on top of the $38.36 for the night. I got lucky though, and found an available WIFI signal that I could pull in----who ever provided us that signal----Thanks so much!!! I found some lots in Phyllis’s area along with some rv parks. We decided to check them out first thing in the morning. We did meet our neighbors--very nice couple who were also traveling with two small dogs and it was their first time out west as well. They were from Wisconsin and getting ready to go fulltime! We told them all about rv-dreams. They also pointed out we had sustained some damage on the back of our rv. One of our running lights was missing it’s cover and we had a small scrape on the fiberglass. I suspect that happen in the skp park we were in. As I said, the streets were very narrow and many had brick walls---we probably skimmed one of those brick walls during a 90 degree turn we had to make to get out of the park. NICE!!

Morning came and we were up and at it--our mission: to find suitable accommodations for a month. We made some phone calls and looked at some lots---all were either taken till March or were unsuitable. We finally settled on an rv park known as Southern Mesa. They had two spots left at $325.00 plus electric for the month!

Southern Mesa is an interesting little park. Quite a mix of folks here. They have 172 spots, some have year long tenants. Everyone here seems very friendly. The roads are dirt/sand/gravel and so are the lots. There is a concrete patio. The lots are small and narrow. The sewer line actually runs under our trailer and the water and electric are directly behind----we just barely fit! In fact, there was a nice gentleman who met us at our lot and helped my DH back in----he knew how difficult it was going to be with a rig as large as ours and he was able to give DH some great direction! Most of our neighbors came over and introduced themselves and we felt very welcome. One thing they warned us about are the bad cell signals---and they are marginal, but we can still receive and call out. They also told us we would have problems locking on to a satellite for internet---that has proved to be true so far. I’m using the FREE WIFI at the club house. The last bit of news was that we were close to a military test sight----they just happen to drop live bombs there every once in a while. Yes, live bombs!! I guess the ground and all the trailers shake!! Ya know, that is just our luck. I have not climbed up on our roof to look, but I would not be surprised to find a big bulls-eye up there. Well this post is getting long so I’ll yack at you more tomorrow..........

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