Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 13, 2009

After breakfast, the furballs and I went for our usual walk. While we were gone, DH met with the man who is going to wash the rv. He wants almost $200.00 for the job. Phyllis had sent me an email (thank you!) stating that they had just had their rv washed and waxed, on site for $90.00. Unfortunately, DH has already set up an appointment with the guy to come and do the job on Thursday. I hope he does $200 worth--at this point I don’t even know if that includes waxing. I’d be curious to know what the average wash/wax cost. I’m hoping that this guy isn’t taking advantage of the fact that we are newbies to this whole rv life. He came highly recommended by the office personal here at the rv park. I would love to cancel the appointment, but I know DH feels obligated to go through with the deal.

On a more positive note, I finally worked through my “painter’s block”. I have been struggling with my dog portrait project. Finally, I had a good day today and found my “happy place”!

Before supper, I had a nice bike ride around the park. It was interesting to see all the different rigs and casitas (hope I spelled that right). Some are really beautiful. Wow, a walk and a bike ride all in one day---don’t know what has gotten into me.

DH had his workout washing the truck. It sure does look a lot better.

Supper consisted of hamburgers and baked beans. I’m afraid I put to much brown sugar in my baked beans as DH’s sugar was up before bed time. I do feel bad about that---I need to be more careful.

Still getting into the 20’s here at night. Not liking that.......but at least the days are in the high 60’s and plenty of sunshine. I don’t think we will come back to the Benson SKP park---except for maybe a night or two on our way across Arizona. Just too cold here for us. I know the desert nights are supposed to be cold, but it seems Benson is even colder at night than a lot of the surrounding areas.


  1. You know this is one of the coldest winters the USA has had in some time...I think since Gore's Nobel Prize for Global Warming??? Go figure...TEEE HEEE I wonder if you have heard from any of the regulars there if this is the norm. I wonder how far south you would have to go to stay in the

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Benson is at a higher altitude than Tucson which is at a higher altitude than Mesa/Apache Junction areas. The nights are still pretty cold but usually only get into the 30s in the Mesa and Tucson areas.


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