Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 25, 2009

After are usual morning routine, we headed into Yuma to check out the Wal Mart and other shops. Wally World was our first stop and after that we just kinda cruised the area seeing what we could see. We found several nice restaurants, a couple of Malls, and some different groceries. I always like to check out the local grocery--I have found they carry better quality produce than Wal Mart.

We returned to the fiver and decided to take a little bike ride around the park. We went up to the clubhouse and several of the park folks insisted we come up for Sunday afternoon soup. They serve soup every Sunday afternoon at 4pm. You bring your bowl, spoon, and crackers. They provide the soup---no charge, but there is a donation cup should you choose to do so. So, we did. The soup was wonderful and again everyone made us feel soooo very welcome!

Later that evening DH and I went up to the clubhouse to get online. Surprise!! It was Karaoke night!! My favorite activity. I just love to sing......and that is how we spent the rest of our evening. We had a great time. Ya know, this little park ain’t much to look at......and it is a very close knit community, but they really reach out and take the time to make you feel at home.

We gave setting up the internet one more try and YEAH---We did it!!!

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