Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan 20, 2009

Spent most of the morning watching the inauguration. It was another gorgeous day with temps in the 70’s and plenty of sunshine. Now, this is my kinda weather.

I decided since Thursday is travel day I had better groom the furballs. The remainder of the day was spent combing and clipping. It is not a job any of us enjoy especially the furballs. Tomorrow I hopefully will have a chance to bath them both using the outside shower.

After grooming the dogs, I had to work on the fiver for a little while. I mainly just ran the sweeper and vacuumed the furniture. Tomorrow I will finish the cleaning
making sure everything is in travel-mode and the laundry will need to be done as well.

Rest of the evening was spent in my recliner trying to find something to watch on tv....

As I said, Thursday is a travel day so depending upon the internet connections you may not see a post for a day or two.........

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  1. Happy & Safe travels.. Look forward to hearing about it.


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