Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 14, 2009

It's all about the coverlet today. Here is the finished sofa cushion coverlet. This was not an easy task as the cushions on the sofa are attached to the sofa frame. My solution was to basically do a box cushion with a top and sides--no bottom. I added a "flap" of fabric to the bottom of the front of the cushion coverlet which is tucked under the cushion as far as it will go and than attached to the frame with Velcro. I'm convinced that Velcro is a rv'ers best friend! Next, will be some arm covers.

One thing I have noticed about the days here in Yuma is how 'noisy' they have become of late. Another sign of spring---the birds are all singing there songs--and it is awesome! I have never heard many of the songs being sung here. And at night, at night there is a wonderfully sweet aroma that wafts its way through the air. I'm guessing it is all the desert flowers that have come to bloom. It truly is a magical place. It just amazes me how different the climate, the animals, the flowers..... I know the natives here and probably my DH.... have to chuckle.....seeing the nutty woman with big eyes and mouth agape, admiring her latest discovery. Just as a small child would.....when I can I have to touch it, smell it, and if appropriate taste it. Lastly, I almost always want to "paint it".....

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  1. WOW how do you do that owl thing can u tell me or put up a post about it any way I am SOOOO following your blog it rocks well gtg L8r


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