Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 23, 2009

Today we headed into town to get a few groceries at wally world, wash the truck, and top off the tanks with diesel. All in anticipation of our journey tomorrow. Back at the fiver DH tightened the lug nuts, cleaned windows, and starting packing the basement. I did another round of cleaning on the inside trying to get rid of the last of the sand. I also checked to make sure all the overhead cabinets were secure for travel. I decided it was time to clean both fridges and defrost the freezers. Next, I moved on to the pantry, I cleaned and re-organized it. Whew! We were both ready for the recliners this evening.

After supper, I took the pups out for their evening walk. I noticed one of the basement doors had been left open. I put the furballs in the house and then returned to close the basement door. Just as I am about to close the door---a cat comes leaping out! Man, that scared the @%*!!! out of me. I carefully looked inside to make sure there were no more and no ‘presents’ left behind. Then I remembered a story the construction guy that lives behind us told us about......when we first arrived here he warned us not to leave our truck windows down. He had gotten in his truck to go to work early one morning, started it up, put it in gear, turned to look over his shoulder to back up and ---you guessed it---he was face to face with CAT! Apparently CAT is curious about any open window or compartment. LOL

CAT was our excitement for the day---now it is back to our easy chairs and a little tv before bed----tomorrow we roll---I’ll post again as soon as we have internet. Oh yeah, we are heading to a skp park in Congress AZ only about 200 miles away.


  1. Yes 200 to 250 is about the extent of my travel day. I get so tired after 250 miles and it is hard to relax for the next day of travel. Am I getting old???

    Joe and Sherri

  2. I'm going to start saying "here kitty kitty" before sticking my head in any open areas!!!

  3. Hope you have a safe trip. Will look forward to hearing about the skp park..


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