Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4, 2009

Here is the finished cornice with the panels on either side. I was finally able to get the photo early this am before the sun was up. I'm pretty happy with it......except for that stupid light hanging down in the way. DH, being the Darling Man that he is, is looking into replacing those lights with the little "puck" lights. We will see if that works out.

As to today, it was a Wally World day. We needed a few groceries and drinking water so off we went. Same old Wally World, nothing exciting to report there.

Back at the fiver I paid our electric bill, a big old $25 and some change. So much cheaper than Benson. We paid over $80 dollars in Benson for 4 weeks, the $25 actually covered 5 weeks here in Yuma. We thought maybe our meter was broke, but no one has said anything and they read all the meters at the same time so if something was amiss they should know it.

The evening consisted of taking the furballs out to romp in their sand lot, while DH got supper started. We decided on breakfast for dinner tonight. He was frying up his delicious hash browns and sausage on our new griddle when I got back from the sandlot. I did the eggs---over easy please........everything was good!

A little tv---mostly reruns---so we mostly napped in our easy chairs---and off to bed


  1. Love the window treatments. Thanks for sharing the picture with us. Once again, its so nice you have that talent..


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