Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 21, 2009

Not quite as hot today, but still a little on the warm side. DH bought a 20lb propane tank and hose to use on our little weber grill. Those small disposable are just to expensive and we go through them pretty quickly. Unfortunately, DH spent most of the day trying to get the gas to flow. He finally decided there was nothing wrong with the new tank and hose and the regulator checked out ok. So, he took the grill apart and cleaned everything---also blew some compressed air in and around the parts. That did it! Must have been some small bit of debris clogging up something. With that done, he decided to go ahead and check tire pressures on the truck and trailer.

While DH worked his little kester off---I did do some cleaning--Trying to rid the fiver of all the sand we seem to track in by the truck loads.

That pretty much ‘shot’ the day......a little tv and off to beddy bye

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  1. I bet the dust in the desert can be a problem on the inside of your home. We will soon see for ourselves before long.

    Joe and Sherri


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