Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 20,2009

Another hot one here in the desert southwest! We are moving slow today and stayed at the fiver all day. I did get my walk in this am and then had a nice neighborly chat with a ‘single’ full timer here in the park. She is a real sweetheart of a gal and I have enjoyed spending time with her---she has become my walking partner in the mornings. I told her all about the rv-dreams web site and ‘chat’.

We ran the ac again this afternoon, but tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler.....that is a good thing. DH needs to crawl under the fiver and check all those things you check when you have been ‘sitting’ for a while. I’m excited to be on the road again.......looking forward to seeing new places. I’m also ready to get back to Indiana and meet up with my friends and family there.......funny I couldn’t wait to get the heck out of there last December, but those 20 degree temps-snow-and ice might have had something to do with that. Indiana will always be ‘home’ to me. I was born and raised there and it seems it will always ‘call out to me’ when I’m on the road.

We will be living in the fiver on the river lot for most of the summer. The ‘river’ is a magical place----it is quiet and peaceful, can get hotter than heck, but there is just something about it. Good times and good memories---especially those times spent with my Dad.........just a swinging!


  1. It is still cool up north but getting hotter down south. Must be some place in between that would be just right.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. I'm also from Indiana, way up north. I can't wait to get in the 5er for long visits, on the Tippecanoe river. Maybe we can meet up once we get on the road.


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