Friday, February 15, 2013

We have GRASS!

Ahhhh....isn't it de-lovely....isn't it de-lightful!  Well, the furballs think it is!  We were downtown at the "madi gras" celebration in Yuma and found a vendor selling fake grass.   We took their card to investigate the options.  Our rv park has fake grass over in the dog park...which is really nice.  They provide a hose so you can wash it down and they disinfect it about once a week.  That's what gave me the idea....wouldn't it be nice to have our own portable "wee..wee..grass" for the furbabies!  So, a few days later we stopped by the vendor's place of biz and I told the salesman, "We are looking for some grass" and his response was "the kind ya walk on or smoke"....LOL!  Anyhoo...they had this piece (about 5' by 10') available for $100.  Yes, it seems both varieties of "grass" are expensive! is well made....looks great....feels great....and my furbabies love it!  I think it will make our life easier too.  Many of the rv parks have less then optimal conditions for the furballs to do their biz so this gives us an option of always having our own little section of "wee-wee grass".
Not much else to has been...not bad.  A little cool for me last week (60's) but things are warming back up into the 70's now so I'll be heading back over to the pool soon enough. 
The park had a big "happy hour" over at the rec center last night with live entertainment.  A couple of "good ole boys" picking their "git-tars" and singing some old country western favorites.  I actually learned how to do the "two step" as one of the husbands took pity on me beings how my hubby does not dance.....and got me out on the dance floor.  FUN!
Between the "two step" and all the "line dancing" I'm learning, I may just have to break down and buy me a pair of cowboy boots.....I wonder if those come in a "flip flop" style.....