Saturday, April 26, 2008

Been a little lazy of late. We did make it up to the river for the day last Sunday. Managed to get some leaves raked. It was a fairly nice day and we built a fire and had a nice hot dog lunch. Just nothing better than hot dogs over a campfire. Monday, I was back with my choral group. We had a great show at one of our local nursing homes and then several of us went out to dinner afterwards. I so enjoyed being back with the "bitches", we had a really good time. I had a new drink called a "slappy" I think. It was very good, but very strong. Good thing I was not driving that night. Let's just say I was feeling exceptionally "happy" that night. Rest of the week has been uneventful. I have been trying to plan "my attack" on the house. So much to do that I get a little overwhelmed sometimes. No more lazy days---come Monday morning I need to get my cute little nose back to the "grindstone". Yug! Did I say that!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothing much exciting to report today. Still working on the house, of course. We boxed some of our stuff up and headed over to the storage unit. We thought the overhead door to our unit was harder than usual to open this time. We were correct. We could see from the inside that it was not rolling up correctly. Bill went up to the office and let them know. Apparently, there was no one there who could even look at it till Monday. We managed to get it to close and locked, but I don't think we will be opening it again until we know it has been repaired. Our second problem is our van. It has been having trouble starting of late. Bill cleaned the battery contacts and some other stuff and it seems to be working now----we'll see how long. Thought we might spend the weekend up at the river, but weather doesn't look to good at the moment. Oh yeah, the big news of the day. We had an honest to goodness earthquake early this morning. I guess we slept right through it. We're old ya know!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Washing Furballs

Yesterday was spent giving the furballs haircuts and baths. No easy task. They are quite good about it, but it just about kills my back. Cosmo so loves his bath---he always jumps right in as soon as I have the water ready. Now, he could do without his face being washed, but aside from that he seems to really enjoy the process. Belle doesn't care for it much at all, but she tolerates it well. After I am done with them, I need to be groomed, and then it was on to the house. Billy managed to get the yard mowed. The day was over before we knew it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to Tippi Choral Club

Oh, what fun I had yesterday. I spent most of it cleaning and organizing what is going to be my workbase for the house. It used to be our dining room, but now I have my large work table there center stage. I also brought in some wire shelving to organize our supplies and such. We have a lot to accomplish to get the house on the market by mid June.

My fun yesterday was going back to my choral club. I love to sing and it was good to see and hug "the bitches". For those of you that don't know---"the bitches" are my dearest and most precious friends who I met through choral club. We have been through a lot together--great times and bad. We stand strong together, we speak our mind, and we take no prisioners---Ha! Ha! Hence our name, but we see that as a good thing. We all went out to dinner after rehearsal--it was good to laugh and share. We have lots of shows coming up and I'm looking forward to them all!

Today we went over to our accountant and signed our tax returns. We will see a refund this year. Next, it was off to our storage unit to see how our things had survived the winter. All was just as we left it. Then, we headed to the river to check on the rv and retrieve a few more things we need to survive the house. Tomorrow I start organizing the rest of the house for the auctioneer. We need to make decisions on what is going and what is staying. We still have alot of little stuff that needs to find new homes.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally Indiana

We arrived in Indiana Wednesday afternoon. The temps weren't to bad---high 50's. We spent that first night at the river. Next day, Thursday, we headed into town to the house. It was colder and rain was on the way. We checked out the house and called the water department to get the water turned back on---that took 24 hrs so we went back to the river for one more night. We finally spent Friday night in the house. I have to say at first it felt good to be back in the house, but eventually that wore off when I looked around at all the work we had to do. Not to mention the fact that it is COLD!! We actually saw snow flurries today. Good news is they are predicting 5o's tomorrow---we can only hope! I have to say the dogs are the only ones who are really enjoying the house. They do so love the space to run and play----rediscovering all their old haunts. Didn't take long for the bunnies to realize the furballs were back---Belle had a heyday the other morning chasing them out of the yard. Next, she and Cosmo found a baby bird. No fear, the bird managed to find its way out of our yard in one piece. As to our job of getting the house ready to sell, I did manage to connect with an auctioneer. He is going to come by and take a look at what we have and explain how this all would work. Now, I need to find those cans of paint we bought last year and start that process. Woe is me!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Joe Wheeler State Park

Here we are at Joe Wheeler State Park, in Rogersville Alabama. I just can't say enough good things about this park. It really is a beautiful place. Our campsite was wonderful. We have full hookups and are surrounded by woods with a view of the lake. It is just the beginning of their season so there are not a lot of folks
here as of yet. We decided to stay 4 nights here. There is a large lodge and marina here and some cabins for those who don't "camp". We went down to the lodge on Saturday and enjoyed an "all you can eat" buffet of seafood. There was catfish, perch, all kinds of shrimp, and more. MMMMMMM
Good!! On the way back, we were on our bikes, we saw several deer. The next day we went hiking and saw even more deer. At any rate, if you are ever close by I definetly recommend stopping and spending a few days. We will definitely be planning a return trip at some point.
We left Wheeler Park on Tuesday and headed for Cave City, Kentucky. That is where we are this morning at Singing Hills Rv Park. Nice rv park, close to Mammoth cave and other attractions. It is under new ownership and they are eager to please and making a lot of improvements. This park is also part of the Camp USA so we stayed for $15.00 full hookups. We should be arriving in Lafayette, Indiana sometime late
this afternoon. Temps are currently in the low 60's with some light rain.

This was our view of Wheeler Lake. That's is where the turtles hang out soaking up the sunshine.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Here we are, in Montgomery Alabama at the Montgomery Campground. We arrived here yesterday around 5pm. We decided to spend two nights here. Not a bad campground, it is quiet and we have full hookups. It is part of the camp club usa circuit, so we only paid $15.00 per night. We decided to set up our Internet satellite and that took some doing! We kept getting an error code, something was wrong at the "control" center. Kept telling us to be patient, and it would hopefully clear itself. Well, I'm not a patient woman! I did some reading in the trouble shooting manual and decided to re-register the unit. I did it! Wham, bam! Just like that we were online. I tell ya, I should get paid for this stuff. My intelligence sometimes surprises even me. Ha! The apple does not fall far from the tree----does it, Dad!

Tomorrow we head to Joe Wheeler State Park.
It's located close to Athens, Alabama. We decided we would stay there for 3 nights. It has some trails and bike paths we want to explore, plus we are in no hurry to get back to the cold in Indiana.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We made it as far as White Springs, Florida. Nice little campground called Lee's Country Campground. It is right off I75, exit 439. You can see we had plenty of room, but we were in the "cheap seats". Next to us, was a more wooded area. If I were planning an extended stay here, that is where I would have wanted to be placed. We had electric and water only, but dump stations are available. The pups and I had a nice walk through the wooded area last night and we will do that again before we leave. Always seems to help them to settle down for the truck ride, if we can get even a short walk in before we leave. We did have a bit of a mishap right before we left the marina. Forgot to crank up the back stabilizers before we raised the front to hitch to truck. Kinda bent them a little, but they still function---sorta, kinda, OK. We will be replacing those once home. Sure hope we get the hang of the "fulltiming" thing soon or we are gonna run out of repair funds!!