Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I took you'alls advice!

Yes, I did....and I had another one of those great margaritas!  We had such a nice time with our friends, Arlene and Kevin.  Great conversation and great food...just can't beat that!  I managed to "pace" myself a little better with this margarita and after dinner we did a little window shopping in downtown Palm Springs.  Window shopping is about all we could afford to do there....pretty pricey stuff, but fun to look at anyway.  It was a wonderfully warm and comfortable evening.

Thought you might like to see an update on the Pelican painting.....

Its coming along nicely I think.  I spent some time on the palm leaves and am now working on all those wing feathers.  Those have been a bit challenging, but I think I have a handle on them now so hopefully things will move a bit faster.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eye Candy!

Short post today....thought you might enjoy some more photos from our zoo day.  Sorry, I don't know the names of any of these.....

Feels like Spring!
Tonight we are going to have dinner with some rv friends.  You can check out there blog Roaming When We Can.  We are going back to  Las I dare have another margarita??

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Zoo

We went to the Living Desert Zoo over in Palm Desert.   It was wonderful.  Here are just a few of the marvelous animals we saw....
 This is Black Crowned Night Heron.....looks blue to me
 This is the Common Egret....nothing common about this beauty in my opinion
I want to paint them all!!  In fact we enjoyed the zoo so much that we purchased a membership.  The cost was $70 for both of us and allows unlimited visits for the year.  It also includes many other zoos around the United us entry at no cost or at a reduced cost.  We are going to be here in Desert Hot Springs for another 3 weeks and I plan on spending several more days at the zoo. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Great Evening

Yesterday, Rick came by and invited us out to dinner.  We originally made plans to go to dinner tonight, but then Paulette came by and ask if we could make it that night.  Well, of course, that is the beauty of being retired and fulltime....all our plans are set in "jello" and can be changed at the drop of a hat!  So, off we went...over to Palm Springs for a great buffet at the Spa Resort and Casino.  We also were introduce to another great couple here at the Sands...Gary and Sandy.  The six of us had a lovely dinner and the conversation was even better!  We are just having too much fun here at the if we could just do something about this ding, dang wind!  Enough already!
Yep, the winds were a howling all night long and have continued this am.  It is truly amazing that...just over the way at Palm Springs...usually no wind..calm as can be.
Today I think we may mosey over to the Living Desert and Zoo.  I want to see what animals I can "capture" with my new camera!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evening Out on the Town

We had a much nicer wise....yesterday.  The sun was a shining and the winds were fairly quiet.  I decided it was time to do a little cleaning while Billy ran a few errands.  Nothing too exciting I'm afraid.  Later in the day, we decided it was time to venture out to a Mexican restaurant that we had heard about on Rick's blog.  It is one of their favorites in Palm Springs.  So along about 3pm we headed over to Las Casuelas.  We had brought along a google map as we were not sure exactly where the place was located in downtown Palm Springs.  Got parked and thought we were only a couple blocks from the restaurant.  Starting walking and soon discovered we could not find the place.  We had left the map in the truck, of back we went....had a second look at the map and figured out we were a few more blocks away then we thought.  No least we were headed in the right direction and on the right street.  So, off we went again....this time success.  Man the food was outstanding!  We both really enjoyed ourselves.  I may have enjoyed myself a little too much as I also had a margarita.  It was tasty, but very strong.  Does the phrase, "I can't feel my legs", tell you anything.  LOL!  Not to fear, Billy lent me his arm and I managed to get back to the truck safe and sound.  Billy is not only my designated driver, but also my designated walker.  HA!  He is a good one!  Back at the fiver we did a little Skype-ing and talk to our grandson and his mom.  Then we both kicked back in our easy chairs for another relaxing evening here in the desert!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At My Easel

Yesterday was a little better....still cool temps, but the sun was out.  I spent the day painting.  I have two I'm working on these days.  Here is the pelican.....
I just did a close up of the area I'm working on....long way to go yet, but I think he or she is looking pretty good.
Here is the old truck.....decided on a spring time theme for the background!
I think I mentioned we had been having some issues with our furnace.  Well, it finally bit the dust.  It tries to light, but no go.  Thank goodness we have the electric heaters as it gets pretty chilly here at night.  Looks like we will be calling the rv repair guy here in the park to have a look!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cold, dreary day....

First off....I do want to say how much I appreciated all the comments on the dog park post.  Nice to know our furballs are not the only dog park dropouts....LOL!  It really is no big deal to us....most parks we have the "dog park" all to ourselves  anyway.  Our pups might spend 15 or 20 minutes playing and smelling and then they are done and ready to get back to their respective easy chairs!
We had a cold and dreary day here at the Sands yesterday.  I spent most of it working on a new painting of a can check it out on my art blog.  I did manage to slip out and take this photo of the snow on the mountains behind our rig.
That was pretty much the excitement for the day!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dog Park Failure

Yesterday was fairly cloudy all day, but the wind at least had died down.  We headed out to the grocery to pick up a few items and I did a little work on a couple of paintings, but the day was pretty quiet for both of us.  We did decide to take the furballs over to the dog park...that didn't work out so well for us.  Our two terriers, or terrors as we like to call them, have not had much "socialization" with other dogs.  We really were not sure how they would react.  Upon arrival at the dog park there were 4 other dogs.....let the games begin....and they did.  Within minutes our two "terrors" had the other 4 dogs taking cover under the picnic table by their respective owners.  I think our pups really wanted to play, but they were just to aggressive in their behaviors and way to excited.  We had a close call with a Westie who had enough of our we scooped them up with our apologies to the other pups and owners and headed back to the fiver.  We discussed getting muzzles for our two and trying this again, but I have mixed feelings about that as well.  Fox terriers are not know for getting along well with other dogs...they always insist on being "top dog".  They love people and are very loyal and loving, but not so much with other animals.  Still, the positives out weigh the negatives and we love them.  We just may have to forgo the dog parks!
As you can's all about the terriers!  Gotta love that!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another Happy Ending

It seems here at the Sands, many folks have been trying to catch a little stray Chihuahua.  He came to visit our site and it was clear he was lonely and yet terrified of humans.  Well, you all know me, I couldn't stand the fact that this little guy was on his own.  It took some time, some fresh water, and a couple of Billy's home baked dog cookies.....But I finally managed to "secure" him in our X-pen.  Fortunately, it didn't take long for word to get out that I had the little guy and I was informed about "Dave".   Dave already owned one rescued he seemed the likely candidate to adopt this little guy.  Before I knew it, Dave appeared...leash in hand...and it took some time, but I managed to get the collar on the little furball and Dave (the true hero of this story) took it from there.
Meet "Harry" and Dave.  A match made in heaven if there ever was one!  They came by to see me after Harry's bath and when I spoke to the little guy....I think he knew my voice....
turned and looked right at me and that a little smile ...... is to is good!  Thank you, Dave for taking this little are my hero!
If you want to hear more on this little guy's story and a few more pics check out Rick and Paulette's Blog.
After the "doggie rescue" event, Billy and I sat and had a nice visit with Rick and Paulette.  I think we are going to really enjoy our stay here at the Sands....I'm so glad we came.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sands

Yesterday was one long day for us....about 6 hrs vs our normal 3 to 4.  Billy decided we needed to find a truck wash to clean up our rv and truck so that is why we added the extra 2 hours to our day.  The other thing that may have slowed us down just a bit.....I, ME, behind the wheel to drive!!  My very first time and Billy says I did a fabulous job.  He was very surprised at my "lane handling" as he called it.  Next on my agenda is to learn how to back this thing into an rv space!!  At any rate, we were all really tired from our travels.  We arrived at our site and Rick (Rick and Paulette's Travels) stopped by to welcome us and introduce himself.  A bit later he and Paulette stopped by so we could meet the pups in person.  I have to say meeting and getting all those puppy kisses from Rylie was soooo sweet.  Here is a photo compliments of Rick....
Here is a photo of our site......
Our site is very nice....lots of privacy and a large wash basin out the back...which is great for the furballs. asked if I sell my work....yes.  I don't have anything available at the present, but check out my website as I will be posting available paintings, cards, and prints in the near future.  You can also sign up for an email newsletter if you is published 4 times a year and will have all my "art" news, sales, and more.
Guess that is all for now....I'm off to explore my new surroundings...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Travel Day

This will be a short post as we are preparing to travel today.  Heading to California....yes, Dad, we are finally going to take the plunge!  I do want to send out a big "Thank you" to all who have commented on the doggie is much appreciated and gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling all over!!  
We made our reservation at the Sands yesterday.  The trip should take about about 4 hours. 
We splurged and even opted for one of their premium sites!  I'll have photos for tomorrow's post!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Here's Sadie!

Yep, I got back to work on Sadie yesterday and she is almost finished.  I have a little "clean up " work to do in the background, but she's looking fine!  Donna....I hope you don't mind I added the "Bad to the Bone" the idea from the T-shirt you bought Sadie and just couldn't pass up the opportunity!
 I had the question if "Princess" from my last post is going to be my next painting.  I actually have a really cool pelican painting started so "Princess" will have to wait a bit.
Our stay here in Bull Head City will soon be coming to an end.  We plan on leaving here someday next week....probably Thursday.  Rick and Paulette have talked about how much they like the Sands Resort over in California......we decided to check it out.  We will miss the folks here at El Rio Rv Park....we made many new friends, but it is time to go we both got the "hitch itch"!  Time to roll on down the road and see new places and make new friends.  "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold"  I remember that from my days in Girl Scouts....still rings true!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rylie Finished......

The weather here has just been gorgeous these past few days.....I think we hit 91 yesterday afternoon.  I am finally warm....sun feels so good!
I did manage to get to my easel and finish the portrait of Rylie........
I'll say it again.....Love, love, love those "Betty Davis Eyes" and all those wonderful curls.
I took some photos of a new pup here in the rv park yesterday....her name is ......
She just got back from the groomers and they put little Saint Patty's Day bows and a little spray of green in her tail....too cute.  Princess is a rescue pup.  The managers here at the park adopted her a couple of months ago.  She has come a long way.....amazing what a little love and kindness can do.  She was actually thrown from a moving car by here previous owners.  Some kind soul stopped.....amazingly she suffered no physical injuries.....and took her to a shelter.  Now she has a wonderful home.  She has gone from a shy and frightened dog to one that is outgoing and friendly and loves to be cuddled!  She is indeed a "Princess" and quite the "Daddy's girl"!  I love "Happy Endings"! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!!

Yesterday, as I was sitting across from my hubby in our big old truck, I said something I never thought I would say to him....."We're going to Vegas, Baby!!" and we were and we did and I have proof.  Take a look and please remember these photos were taken from a moving truck.  
Trump Tower
This one is for you, DAD!
I have to say I was totally awestruck and bouncing up and down on the truck seat with excitement.....not so much, Billy.  At any rate, we just did a drive by as we had the furballs in the back seat. We will go back....I located a campground close by with fairly reasonable rates.  So next time.....we can stay a couple of days.....I can't wait!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oatman Photos

Gosh, the weather has just been so nice that I have neglected my computer.  I finally found some time this evening to post some of the photos from our Oatman adventure.
This guy was very curious about the camera and I didn't even notice what was in the background till I got home and saw this guy.....
 He is a bit out of focus, but do you think he was complaining about my picture taking?
 Then we saw this guy with the "bent ear" he has this perpetual "What?" kinda look!
 One band man and his entourage
 Poor Billy.......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rylie Update and more.....

Today we are heading back to that I have my nifty new camera, I want to get more photos of them, there burros!!  Hopefully, I will have a few to share with you next blog.
We are very happy to see warmer temps arriving here in Bullhead City for obvious reasons, but also cause our furnace is acting up.  As you may remember we replaced the thermostat and that is working fine, but not so the furnace.  We have educated ourselves on limit switches, sail switches, burners, and circuit boards and have decided it is probably a bad igniter.  The blower will come on and you can hear it try to light....but nothing.  It works some of the time, but here lately it is working less and less.  What a's always a somethum!  Thank goodness for our electric heaters.  
Here is the latest update from my easel.......Sweet Rylie is coming along.....don't you just love that sweet, gentle face and all those fabulous curls.....