Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mount Vernon KY

We spent last Friday and Saturday in Mount Vernon at the Renfro Valley RV park.  It is a passport America park, but unfortunately not on the, we definitely feel as though we overpaid!  But...there is not much else to choose from in this area and the grounds are beautiful.  I spend quite a bit of time out and about with my camera.....
This babbling brook was practically right out our many colorful birds here!  These guys were having a pool party!
Awesome green and lush...spring has come to Renfro Valley

 Under that bridge were 50 or so Barn Swallow Nest and the birds were amazing to fast!
This guy was giving me the "eye"!
These beautiful birds were dancing about in the sunshine.....loved watching them play.

We left Renfro Valley on Sunday.  We normally don't like traveling on Sundays but we wanted to have a full 4 nights at Winton Woods in Cincinnati.  If you ever find yourself in Cincinnati, Ohio we highly recommend this park.  Large full hookup sites with beautiful surrounds...walking/biking trails, kayaking, fishing.  I, of course, found my way back to the zoo yesterday.  Got a lucky break on all the rain and had a sunshiny day yesterday.  Thursday we make the final leg of our journey into Lafayette, Indiana.  Can't wait to see my family and friends......I leave you with a few more photos of one of my favorite zoos
Sweet Baby Gorilla....just hanging around.....
A shot of Spring for those snow weary northern folks.....
I know this is what you all will be doing once the sun finally shines for you....AAAWWWW!  Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Warner Robins Air Force Museum

Yesterday we went back and finished our tour of the Air Force Museum.  Here are a few photos for you to enjoy......
This is of the planes hanging overhead as you walk in to the museum
As you can see....this place is huge.....
I love the art work
Great old fire engine
 And as you can see.....somebody had a really 'goode' time...........

The photo below.....well that is a close up of the back of an engine....I think...LOL
I just loved the "art" of it...the colors and shapes and textures!  Reminds me of a roulette wheel!
All in all it was a fun two days.....and if you really want to do it justice....I would definitely plan on 4 or 5 hours.  It is we decided to break it up into two days.

Other news....
Tomorrow is a travel day for us, heading up to Chattanooga.  We will spend a couple of nights there.  My back is still giving me problems....I think I pinched my sciatica nerve.  Apparently...advil, time, and a heating pad is all I can do....hopefully it will start to improve sooner rather then later.  Riding in the truck tomorrow is probably going to be a bit uncomfortable...but gotta do what I gotta do.....

Monday, April 21, 2014

Woodpecker? Really!

This is just a quick little post as I had to share this pic with you.  Even though we are full time in our rig, we still own a house back in Indiana.  Our son and his 'soon to be bride' are living there now.  So he sends me this pic the other day of our house....take a look....
Apparently some nutty woodpecker has decided the trim work around our home is pretty tasty!  I'm hoping this is the only 'hole' we find, but REALLY Mr or Mz Woodpecker what the heck is wrong with all the trees in our neighborhood....THIS is NOT a "GOODE" thing!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Oh, I just couldn't resist........
This is Cosmo....doing his Easter Bunny Impression!
I think it is rather a good one
Don't You

We have been rather laid back these past couple of days. simply bending over the sink to wash my hair....I managed to pull or tear a muscle above my left hip.  I can't tell you how excruciating the pain has been.  Yesterday, it seemed the slightest movement set it off.  Today, I seem to be a little better.  Planning to continue to rest and hopefully it will continue to improve.  
Poor Bill had to be 'in charge' of the furballs all day yesterday.  I couldn't bend over to do anything for them.....heck...I couldn't even get dressed by myself.  He was a real trooper though.....took good care of me and the furkids!  Thanks Honey!  I did manage to limp over to the free pancake breakfast the rv park put on Saturday.  It was good, but the best thing was getting to know our fellow rv'ers.  We learn so much from one another!  

Happy Easter...Ya'll!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Perry, GA

We are in Perry GA at the Fair Harbor Rv Park.  Pretty nice place....a lot bigger then it looks.  Fairly quiet (you can hear a bit of the interstate noise), but close to shopping and dining.
We have a nice corner lot with lots of green for the furballs!

Our site is a nice long pull through, but there are some really nice back-ins overlooking the pond area too.  We like being out in the open so we can get our satellite tv up and running without issue.  We originally were set to stay til Monday, but decided to add a couple more nights.  

Yesterday was a really nice day and we took a stroll through the downtown and then headed over to Robins Air Force Museum.  It is free and it is pretty large.  We only did about half and figure we would go back and do the rest Monday.  I'll share some photos on that next post.

Today it has done nothing but RAIN and then RAIN some more.  At least the temps are in the mid 50's....a bit chilly but doable.  Tonight the ground is really step out and into water that comes up over your shoe or flipflops in my case.  Taking the dogs out to the potty is quite the we are all pretty well soaked when we come back in!  I don't think this mess is clearing out till Sunday.  Oh least nothing severe to worry and that is a blessing!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mayo Florida

We are on our way.....have our first travel day under our belt.  Great weather and an easy 190 miles!  I found a Passport America Park called Suwannee River Rendezvous Resort.  It is a very nice place....a little off the beaten path....but we were ready for a little quiet in the country atmosphere.  We have it here.  No trains, planes, or automobiles!  This place is well kept and there is an upper and lower level.  The upper level is relatively new and is designed for larger rigs.  In fact, I was glad we called ahead and I recommend everyone with larger rigs call.  The reason is the lower level, where the office is located, is difficult if not impossible for larger rigs to navigate....pretty sure you would have to back up the hill!  When you call they will go ahead and give you your site number so you can park, get set up, and the walk or drive down to the office to check in.
Here is our site #130.  Nice long pull through with gravel pad and patio.  Nice spacing between the sites too!  Full hook ups plus Dish Satellite...not a great picture, but fine for a couple of days.
This is the shower/rec/pool area.  Probably will not be able to take advantage of the pool due to the rainy weather here today, but looks very inviting!
View down the street.  Paved roads but the site angles could be a little wider.  Most big rigs will find they have to have a wheel or two off in the grass when pulling into the site.

 This is the entrance way into the upper park.  If you continue past, you drop down the hill into a very wooded and tight little campground.  Set up with cabins and tent camping, maybe some smaller rvs.  The Suwannee River borders one side and there was significant flooding this time of year.   But it is beautiful down there and if we get a break in the rain I would love to take my camera down and get some photos.  Good news is you can park up top, but still have access to everything down the hill.....just a short walk.

All in all....a great find and one we would return too.  We will be pulling out on Wednesday continuing our journey north.  Thinking about stopping in Perry Ga.  Looks like a quaint and interesting we have not explored.  Wherever we stop, we are pretty sure we will stay through the Easter weekend.  We don't like to travel on weekends...especially holiday ones!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Travel time......soon!

Excitement abounds here in the Goode household.  We will be pulling out on Monday, heading North to Indiana.  Bill is busy outside checking tires, lights, and re-organizing the 'basement'.  I'm defrosting the freezers, cleaning house, and doing laundry.  The furbabies are looking good as I groomed and bathed them yesterday.   Tomorrow we will be saying our goodbyes to family and friends.  My oh my how the time do fly!  It was a great winter!  After you sit in one spot a always worry if the wheels will go round once ya hook up and head out.....LOL!

Looking forward to the journey, we always try to find new places to see and explore.  Praying the weather cooperates and we don't run into any bad storms or SNOW!  I'll be posting more frequently....reporting on our adventures with plenty of photos and links to the rv parks along the way.  Who knows....maybe I'll be seeing you along the way too! 

Cosmo is holding his own.....feeling so much better after his dental work.  We have his medical records and x-rays of his leg and back.  That will be first up after we arrive back in Indiana.....meeting with his vet and seeing what we can do to help stabilize his back and legs.  Thanks for all the support and prayers....we do so appreciate it.  Here's to a safe journey with lots of new and interesting things to see and do along the way!