Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It is HOT!

The photo below of our indoor/outdoor temp gauge....kinda says it all......
As you can see....the outside temp a balmy 99 and the inside......a lovely 92.  Thank goodness the sun would be disappearing into the horizon soon!  Our fiver only has one air conditioner and as you can see it is struggling to keep up.  Unfortunately even if we had two air conditioners, we would only be able to run one.  We only have 30 amps available to us here at the AOK.  There are only a few 50 amp sites available and they were all taken well before we arrived.  Watching the news this morning, I learned we are probably looking at at least another month of this heat.....isn't that just dandy!
Ah well, we just be taking it easy and I have been back at my easel.......
My giraffe painting is coming along nicely....I think!  My interview for PetLife online radio show all about pets of course, is up and running!  If you are interested....check it out here scroll down to Episode 13.  You can also read a bit about the interview here
.......stay cool out there in blogland, if you can and thanks for all the wonderful comments on the sewing and plumbing projects!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Projects

As promised, here is Billy's next completed water project.  Our outside shower had been leaking every time we used it and I hated the knobs.  We use our outside shower for washing the it is a must have piece of equipment.  Here is a look at the old......
Bill had already removed the old shower head.
This is the new......yes, we know it is mounted upside down.  That is how it needed to be installed so that the "H" was on the hot side and the "C" on the cold.  Not a big deal to us...and I really like the "lever" style handles for ease of use.
I know....the shower head is a bit large....but, hey nothing is too good for our little furbabies.  The shower head obviously cannot be stored in the box, but it is easily removed and stored in the basement til we need it.
Billy is not the only one who has been working on projects.  Here is a look at my sewing project......
This is one of the completed dining room chairs that I down, one to go! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Water Works

As I mentioned in the last blog, Billy has been working on a "water" project for the fiver.  Traveling around the country as we just never knows the quality of the water.  We try to combat that by using filters and a water softener.  Unfortunately, that can make for a rather complicated system.  Billy's goal was to get everything contained in one make set up easier.
Here is the cooler he you can see he drilled holes and attached fittings to make for easy hook ups to the outside of the box itself.  Now here is what you see on the inside....
He added insulation to the sides and bottom.  He also insulated the lid.  As much as we try to avoid it, it always seems we end up with some freezing temps in the winter.  The little red box at the back is our water softener.....don't ask me how it works, but it does.  You can find info about the water softener at Water King USA.  The two blue tops are the filtration system.  The first filter is a 5 micron jumbo sediment cartridge, polyester, reusable.  The second filter is a Doulton RIO 2000 with 6 ceramic candles.  Now, having said that......I have no idea what I said.....LOL!  You can get more info here at the rv water filter store
Billy's next project was to rework the outside shower and I'll have more on that next post.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sewing Project

I promised a photo of my sewing project.....I'm reupholstering a couple of parson's chairs.  I'm afraid I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked.....
Here is the reason why I have not gotten as far as I had hoped.......
Seems she had her own ideas as to how our weekend should go.....lots of playtime and lots of "what ya doing and can I help".......LOL!  She is just so ding, dang cute!  Ah well, the project will get down eventually.  
Billy had a project he has been working on as well.  I will have to get some photos to share.  He completely reworked our water filter and softener system for the fifth wheel.  He did a great job and now everything is contained in an insulated cooler.  I will share all the details next post.  Now, he is on to yet another working our outside shower system......replacing the leaky faucet!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back in the Stick House?

This past weekend I moved back into our stick house......oh, don't worry it was just a temporary thing.  My son lives in our stick house at present....he and Mesha.  Remember Mesha is the Siberian Husky he adopted from our local shelter.  Sam was out of town for the weekend and I volunteered to take care of Mesha while he was gone.  
I had a sewing project I needed to work on so I set up one of the spare bedrooms as my workspace.  I'm reupholstering our dining chairs for the fifth wheel.  I'll share some before and after photos next time.  I had a heck of a time with that project.....guess I'm a little rusty...been a while since I have even had my sewing machine out!
Mesha was her usual "puppy'"self.....and sweet as ever.  She is such the cuddle puppy....every night at bedtime she comes up on the bed and snuggles and cuddles with many goodnite kisses.  She loves to lay her head right on your chest and bat those big blue eyes.....I melt everytime!
So, darling husband Billy was on his own.  Just him and the furballs.  I think he kinda missed me....although he'll never admit to it. 
How did it feel being back in that "stick" house?  It was strange....I mean it still feels like my house, but not my home if you know what I mean.  I'm still very content to live in our fifthwheel, our little home on wheels.  I don't feel cramped or crowed....I love my recliner and oh, how I missed our airbed.  I'll never go back to a regular mattress....that I can promise you.  I love my kitchen too......plenty of counter space and when I bake or cook all my ingredients and tools are right at my fingertips.  My only complaint is the "rv stove"....the industry really does need to do some upgrading in that department.  Our shower in the fifthwheel is pretty roomy too, but I'll admit it was nice being in a bathroom where the toilet handle doesn't reside on the floor and the shower head was a good foot above my head!  That being said.....yes, I would do it all over a heartbeat.  I love the fact that wherever I go my little home on wheels follows behind.....I love exploring....seeing what's around that next curve in the road or just over the hill.  I love meeting new people...sharing our stories.  This is just such a special time in our I know we will cherish and always look back upon with a smile and a "remember when".....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wifi Update

Today I headed back to the Verizon store.  It is now apparent that no one really understands why our air card is behaving the way it is.....and more importantly no one has a clue how to fix it.  So, we made the decision to dump the card and go with the Mifi as many of you suggested.  I got it home a few hours ago and so far so good.  We went with the 4510L because it has the antenna port.  At least that gives us the ability to try and boost the signal with an external antenna if needed.
I didn't think we would ever get to this point as Bill seemed to be dead set against the Mifi unit.  It wasn't till he called and talked to the folks at the 3G store that he finally gave in. The Mifi was always my first choice....I just like the convenience of the thing.  
I also have to give Verizon a plug here.  Throughout all my troubles they continued to work with me and try to solve my problems....for hours at a time.  When I finally made the decision to switch to Mifi, they readily fuss of any kind.