Saturday, March 31, 2012

On the Mississippi

We got an early start (for us) yesterday, left around 9:30am.  The trip was pretty uneventful with the exception of some rough roads and a little rain here and there.  We had been planning on spending the night in Southaven....just south of Memphis, but the camp host stopped by in the morning as we were hooking up and suggested Tom Sawyer's RV Park.
It is located just west of Memphis...across the Arkansas.  I checked out their website and it looked good...called and they did have a nice big pull through available.  So here we are, once again, right on the water....the mighty Mississippi!
 We are on the second row, but this is our view out the front door.  But we can also see the river from our back window.
The sites on the left have the "front row seat" of the river and nice concrete pads to park on...we are on the right..still a nice site with gravel.
As you can see....plenty long enough and level.  Nice spacing between the sites and enough grass for the furballs.  We plan on being here one more night.
Before we left Okatoma, I did a little bike ride down to their lower pond area.  Had my camera...and was looking for a photo opp.  Should have been watching the ground cause I stepped right into a fire ant nest.  Bit me pretty good on my left ankle is a little swollen and it still burns and itches.  Using Cortizone-10 to stop the itching and burning.   When we arrived here at Tom Sawyer's they told us they had seen a few poisonous snakes....I've got my eyes WIDE open this time!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

We arrived in Hattiesburg around 3pm and found our way to the Okatoma Resort and Rv park.  It was a little scary...the roads are paved but they are narrow and we were worried about some low hanging branches ....but we made it through without any problems.  Once you get back to the park it is very nice for an overnight or two.....
 Our site...gravel with a nice grassy area behind.  Full hookups and 50amp available.  It is a Passport America park so our cost for two nights...$26.00!
 We traded our Beach view for a Pond View....but very nice and peaceful.
 There is wildlife.....this guy kept an eye on us for most of the evening!
Tomorrow we had towards Memphis.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Last Sunrise

I had time for one last sunrise......and one last walk on the beach this morning.  Today is a travel day.  We will be heading to Hattiesburg, MS.  We are taking our time packing up this am...don't have to check out til 11:00 and we are going to take every minute of it.  Here is a couple shots of our beach site....we so enjoyed it here....
I spent most of my time right here or walking on the beach.  This truly is the "GoodeLife"!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too Beautiful for Words.....

I promised a photo of our here ya go....
 Today we will be moving to a new site for one more night here in Navarre.  It is a beach I'll have more site pics for my next post.
Yesterday we went over to the large public beach...Emerald Beach.  I love our little beach here at the resort, but if you want to really see the ocean in all its wonder...well check it out....and  DAD, yes I love the white sand and the turquoise water!

 I love these seagulls with the all black heads....they look all "dressed up" for an evening "on the town"...LOL!

 Can anyone say "Spring Break"....and that is why I like my little "private beach" back at the park!  And Yes...the park is very friendly...very well run....and VERY POPULAR.  The office told me they are all ready booked for next March.  We have been talking about making a reservation for next December....still pondering on that....

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Beach!

Finally having my "day" at the beach.  I found this little rv park before we even starting making our way south last year.  We arrive a couple days ago and I have not been disappointed....but it is one busy do need a reservation.  We are staying 4 nights and we had to move twice to make that happen, but it is worth.  Tomorrow we will be moving our final time for our last night, but we will be right on the beach with our own private balcony.  I'll post some pics of that site next time.  For now, here our a few photos....of the park and beach area.....
This is where I have been spending most of my time.
An evening on the all those pinks reflecting in the water.
Looking back from the beach.
The sites are close, but of average size for this type of rv park.  You have a concrete pad with a concrete patio and a little bit of grass....which comes in handy when traveling with furballs.  Most of the sites are pull through and nice and long.  We didn't have to unhook our truck the first night...which was a good thing since we had to move to the next site over the next morning.  There is also a nice gravel parking pad in the back next to your rig.  I just love it here!  The folks are very friendly and it is just beautiful.  Next time we head this way, we plan on staying at least a month or two.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Perry Photos

Here are the photos I promised of Rocky's Campground in Perry, FL
 Here is our site
As you can see we are right next to the bathhouse and laundry.  Since we had full hookups we did not use it.
This is the view looking toward the highway.  This whole center is pull throughs.  They are all nice and long...just some are more shaded then others.
I did get lucky today and managed to take a walk and lock onto a cell signal.  That allowed me to call the Emerald Beach RV Park in Navarre Florida.  We decided we wanted to stay 3 nights and they had could accommodate us.  Only issue is we have one night in one site and then will have to move to another site for the next two nights.   But they are both pull throughs and side by no she told me she would put us on the list in case something opens up where we would not have to move.  I'm really looking forward to being right next to the beach! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

On The Road

Finally pulled out of Tampa yesterday around noon!  It was a busy morning.  We had planned on doing most of our "outside" work the night before, but mother nature had different plans.  It just poured down rain most of the evening.  That meant we had plenty to do before "take off" on Thursday.  It is true, ya know, "the longer you sit...the more you spread out".  I'm not talking about your waistline...I'm talking about all the "stuff" that slowly makes its way out of your basement and cabinets.  It gave us quite the workout....I know we were both exhausted before we pulled out.  Fortunately, we knew we were only planning on our usual 4 hour travel day.  Unfortunately, the rv park we had planned on staying....full.  I found another though, just up the road.  It is just 4 miles west of Perry, Florida called Rocky's Campground.  Nothing fancy...but clean, full hook ups, and fairly quiet.  Grass sites and we have a pull through that was long enough and level enough that we didn't even unhook the truck.  We decided to stay two nights...we were both so tired yesterday the thought of pulling out in the morning.....well, not gonna happen.  Once we were parked I stepped inside our fifth wheel and things were NOT as I left them.  The dining room table had managed to tip over....that was no has happened before.  What I was not expecting was to find one of my shower doors...out of the shower and leaning across the bedroom slide.  That was a first!  The thing is our trip was pretty uneventful.  No rough roads, or sharp turns, or last minute stops.  Yes, I did have it properly secured..doors closed and latched.  Obviously, I"m going to have to do something different next time.  May have to get a little "duck tape" involved to keep the door securely in its track.  We were lucky though..nothing broken.  I managed to get the thing back on its track and working.  
I'm watching the weather this am and it is looking like we may need to extend our stay one more night to avoid the massive storm front that is northwest of us.  Just have to "wait and see" and that one.  Oh yeah...ATT cell service and wifi....not happening here.  Our Verizon wifi card is working and the campground does offer free wifi...which seems to be working fine.  I'll get out and about today and get some photos of our site and surroundings for tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eye Candy and Travel Time

A few days ago we visited a quaint little town called Gulfport here in Florida.  Here is a few photos of the beautiful flowers we saw....

 If that doesn't make you think "Spring"  I don't know what will.....
Guess we have finally decided to pull out of Tampa tomorrow.  We thought we might have to postpone our departure date again due to some repairs needed on our truck.  Turns out they were able to make the repairs and get the truck back to us last night.  Although I'm looking forward to getting back on the road, I"m sure gonna miss everyone here.  We had such a great was fabulous too!  
We got out the map and I'm thinking we may stay at the Old Pavilion RV park in Keaton Beach Florida our first night.  We are keeping our eyes on a weather system that is moving through the area....depending on what it does we may spend more than one night.  I want to have a couple days on the beach at another park in the panhandle, but I don't want to pay beach front prices to watch the rain fall......

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yacht Club

Last weekend we spent a couple of days over in Tierra Verde at the Yacht Club.  My Aunt and Uncle took us over on their boat.  Beautiful place and I got some great photos of the wildlife.  We had stopped to gas up the boat and a fisherman was right behind us cleaning his catch of the day.  He was throwing the scraps back into the you can imagine he had quite an audience.
 The pelicans were lining up......
 Look at that wing span.....awesome stuff!
 Next came the seagulls and they literally "hovered" above the boat....
 Catching a bird in flight is fairly difficult....these guys made it easy!
 Oh yeah, the Egrets were there too!  This guy was protecting his "spot" from the others.....and put on quite a show!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It was a just a little hole.....

Well, what can I say...except....we is still here!  Yeah, Billy is still trying to finish "buttoning up" the underside.  He had a bit of a set back the other day....accidentally drilled a small hole in the freshwater tank.  Ok....stop laughing...its not THAT funny!  At any rate, with a little research he did manage to figure out how to patch it and all is good.  Everything is pretty much back together...just a few small pieces to put into place.  
This past week, here in Tampa, has been a warm one.  Last night...the winds blew in and so did a cold front.  Stayed in the 60's today, but I didn't mind..kinda refreshing.  It will be back in the 80's again by the end of the week.  
I appreciate all the worries about us traveling north this time of year....we will be careful and we will keep a close eye on the weather.   I just can't believe all the tornadoes that have all ready been reported....scary stuff.