Sunday, June 27, 2010

I know.....long time no post.....but....Bill and I have been lost in Grandma and Grandpa land with our Grandson and his Mom.  They came up for a weeks visit and we have been busy, busy, busy.  Our big event was a trip to the children's museum in Indianapolis.  I have not been there in years and I think the adults enjoyed it as much as Triston did!  They have a dinosaur area that is just way-to-cool!!  On top of all that excitement, we have a full house up on the river.  My Dad is here now and so are some mutual friends.  In fact, Dad had to install a couple more 30 amp outlets so everyone would have power!  We are also expecting my Aunt and Uncle in the upcoming week.

I will have to post some photos for you all next time......hopefully, it will not be so long in between post!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well, first things first......a note about my comment moderation.  Yes, I do moderate your comments.  I wish I did not have to do so, but spammers are lurking everywhere.  On those rare occasions where I have let down my defenses.....I have always been sorry.  I always read comments before allowing them to be published.  Sometimes that takes a few days due to my lack of a reliable internet connection at our current location.  I try to go into town a couple of days a week to get on line and get caught up with everyone.  So, please hang in there with me.....I'm doing the best I can and I do so love to hear from you all! some photos to share.......
Here is the photo of my "studio space" in our fifth wheel.  You can see my easel and the cabinet to the left is where I keep my art supplies.  I have that nice big window to my back which lets in lots of natural light.  I'm tucked back into a corner so I can leave my 'studio' set up for days, when working on a project and not be in anyone's way.  So far it is working very well for much better than the dining table where I used to work.

Here is the polar bear I have been working on the past few days.  I'm very pleased with the results and I should have it completed in a couple of more days.  My grandson is coming to visit again soon and Grandma promised to have it done!

The weather here the past few days has been less than stellar.  It seems we see strong storms almost every afternoon and evening.  The forecast is the same for today, but the weatherman insist there is improvement in our future.....we shall see.

And......a warm welcome to my latest followeres, Sherry and Charley and Cruzin2some!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thought I’d better try and post something so you all know I’m still on the planet.....LOL!  I have been busy the last few days learning some music for my choral club.  I have been singing with this group for 15 years, but I had made the decision not to go back this year.  With us traveling the way we do, it was becoming increasingly difficult to “pick up where I left off” the past year.  This year, they sent out an SOS that I couldn’t ignore.  You see, every year all the choral clubs from around the state of Indiana come together for a day at Purdue University.  During the day, each group performs a “special number” for the other groups.  In the evening, we all come together to perform as a whole singing from a selection of songs we have all worked on through the year.  Well, it seems my choral club was short on sopranos this season.  They were struggling with their special number and asked if I could come back to help them out with this one number.  I had to say yes, but it was a challenge. I only had one rehearsal with the group and a total of about 5 days to memorizing music and words.  This past Wednesday was the big day.......and I managed to pull it off!  We had a great performance and it felt so good to be back with my friends.  There is also nothing like that adrenalin rush you get when you walk onto the stage....this is it folks, no turning back, whatever happens.......happens!  We did great!

I love this rving lifestyle, but their are sacrifices that have to be made.....those of you that rv fulltime know of what I speak.  It can be a difficult decision, but the rewards of this lifestyle are many!  I’m seeing and doing things that I would have never accomplished in my lifetime, if it were not for our fifth wheel.   I guess I’m just a ‘wonderer at heart’......there is so much beauty in these United States.  I have stood in awe and sometimes been moved to tears at the wonders I have seen......then their are the new friendships....the wonderful people we have gotten to know through our travels......and let’s not forget the romance.  Yes, I said romance.....we hold hands more, we kiss more, we cuddle more.......Well, you get the picture.........we don’t call it the “GoodeLife” for nothin.........

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Triston Age 6
                                                  Sam age 5 (Triston's Father)
Thought some of you might get a kick outta of this......"like father, like son" photos.  Sam was asleep on his grandparent's back porch in their lawn chair.  Triston fell asleep in his grandparent's lawn chair up at the river last weekend.  Of course, we all think they are both just TOOO CUTE!!  LOL!

And speaking of too is a photo of Cosmo sticking his nose out from under the bedroom door......

As to what I have been up too these past few days......another painting project.  No, not the Polar Bear.  I did this little sign up for a friend of a friend who is opening up a Child Care Center......not bad if I do say so myself!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow!!  What a great weekend we had......lots of friends, family, and food!  The very best part was spending time with our grandson and his mom.  Ya know, sometimes you forget just how energized a six year old can be....LOL!  It was none stop excitement.  My grandson showed me how to play some of his games on his Wii.....I was woefully uncoordinated, but it was still too much fun.  We had also purchased a small pool for him to play in and he enjoyed squirting and splashing everyone within sight.  Needless to say, Grandma and pa are rather tired today.....but it is the best kinda tired!

Thanks for all the compliments on the new recliner.....Billy is really enjoying his chair today!  Katie you asked me for a model number and I don't know off the top of my head, but most recliners would fit through a fifth wheel's door because they can easily be taken apart.  The back of the chair separates from the seat.....that makes sliding through tight spaces a breeze.

This coming week will be spent taking it easy I think and getting back to my painting.  My grandson informed me that I had better have his polar bear painting done when he next comes back to visit!!  So, Grandma is on it, Triston........I promise......

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday weekend......and thanks for stopping by