Saturday, June 8, 2013

Settling in.....

We are finally "settled" in here at the AOK in Lafayette.  We were able to move to a larger site on the front row last week....much better....I feel as though I now have some breathing room.  Not much else to report....the weather has improved a bit, not quite so much rain.  I sure did need to feel the sun on my face again and I have the last few days!
Our son is building this "monster" shed in the backyard of our house.....I think it is 10 feet by 16 feet...but it is the 10 feet tall that really gets your attention!  Ah well, I'm sure when we sell the thing it will be an asset to the next just never seems to have enough "space" for their "junk"...oops...I mean "treasures"!  I'll post some photos once it is done.  He needed it for his biz, "CrawlSpace Remediation" he is really doing well and is busy, busy, busy!
Guess that is about it.....hope everyone is having a great summer!