Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Billy and I are into our 4th year of fulltiming.....and I guess we were a little naive in thinking we would never see "cold" weather again.   That has always been our goal, but for the second winter in a row we seemed to be stuck right in the middle of a constant flow of Arctic air.  Yesterday there was snow on the mountain tops surrounding us and today.....well, I had to put on my long johns, sweat pants, ear muffs, socks, dig out my shoes, and 3 yes, 3 sweat shirts just to take the furballs out for their morning walk!  On the upside, the wind had died down and I no longer have to weight myself down with cement blocks to keep both feet on the ground!  According to the weatherman, this cold spell with below normal temps will be sticking around for quite some time....lucky us!   Could be worse, our park host heard from 3 rver's yesterday.  All of them were supposed to be checking in this week and all of them said they would be delayed.....due to snow and ice and road closures.  This morning I was on the computer looking at the rates for the Florida Keys (wishful thinking) and I ran across a park with a live camera feed.  Man, folks are running around in t-shirts and shorts at 9am.  I am so in the wrong place!  Ok, I'll stop whining or maybe not.
A package arrived for me was the inks epson was shipping me.  Pop those babies in, and Yahoo......nothing.....nothing......nothing!  Called Epson and they are sending me another printer.  Wonder if it will work. 
Oh, I do have some happy news.....My mama's birthday was yesterday.  She turned 70 this year and I'm proud to say she is still one "hot mama"!  
I have also been spending more time at the painting is an update on the old truck
It is a slow process, but I'm enjoying it!

Here is hoping that you all have a Happy and Warm New Year!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Printer or Not So New?

Hey everyone, thanks again for all the great comments and suggestions on my deer painting....and the winner is....."So Deer" by Froggie!
I am wanting to make prints and cards available for purchase.  So, my Christmas present to myself this year is a refurbished Epson 1400 printer.  It had great reviews....except for one flaw.  Some folks had trouble with their new printer not recognizing the Epson inks.  I decided, in all my infinite wisdom, that I could prevent this from happening to me by buying a refurbished unit.  According to Epson, these machines have been repaired and thoroughly tested before being offered for sale at a reduced price.  They still have a full one year warranty with one exception.  If the unit needs to be replaced, you will be sent another refurbished unit.  I was Ok with problem.  Well, guess what!  I forgot to remember one important fact....this is the Goode household we are talking about.....sure enough....when I installed the Epson inks (that came with the ding dong thing) the printer refused to accept them.  It keeps telling me to replace them.  I called Epson and they are sending me a new set of inks.  Sooo disappointing!  I'm on the fence about the end result.  It would be nice if the new inks work, but will I continue to worry each and every time I purchase inks that they will be rejected.  Maybe it is better to just receive a new refurbished unit and hope it works right outta the box..... or is that asking too much!
On a happier note....back to my painting table.  I started working on this scene of the old truck and jack rabbit before Christmas and am finally getting back to it.  I am really enjoying all the textures and colors on this old truck......
I'll let you know how it all turns out.......

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back at my Painting table

Took down my Christmas tree today and got out my paints.  Thought I would share my latest work.....she is done on a 5x7 canvas card and I think she is just about finished....hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season......
Guess I need to come up with a title.....any suggestions?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I have a few Christmas photos to share.......
The Yule Log I made for our Pot Luck here at the RV Park
And then the furballs decided they would like to wish you a Merry Christmas in all their holiday splendor.........
Little Belle and Cosmo wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season.  Aren't they just too cute!  They did very well and I think they actually like their jingle bell collars....that is until Mom got a little......bit......carried away....and snapped this pose
Ok, so Mes and Cosmos are not happy about this at all.....but what are yous a gonna dos....sometimes ours humans dos silly things! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Far, So Goode

Well, we have manage to tick off yet another year of marital bliss!  Today, Dec 22, is our 31st wedding anniversary.  I love you, Billy!  You are still the man of my dreams and my very bestest friend.  I'm very proud to have those 31 years together.....and I remember being asked on more than one occasion...."What's your secret".  My secret is simple.....I love him and he loves me.  Love conquers all!  Love communicates, Love Listens, Love compromises, Love puts the other first.....and the list goes on, but I'm sure you get the picture!  And for those of you just starting out on your journey of marital bliss.....and wondering if the excitement and the romance will wear thin after a few years.  After 31 years....we still hold hands, we still cuddle close, and yes......My darling husband can still curl my toes!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Can't hold it's water"

Not to much going on around here.  We have been resting up from the whole toilet repair incident.  Unfortunately, it looks like we might be re-visiting that repair in the very near future.  The waste ball is leaking have heard of folks who can't "hold their liquor"...our toilet can't "hold it's water" LOL!  We think it is a minor adjust, but we will let you know how it goes.
The weather here has been great.  As you can see from the photo below, I took the opportunity to give the furballs a hair cut and bath.  That's Cosmo getting a trim...looks like I need a bit of a trim myself...
He is such a good boy and isn't he pretty, er handsome!
That was a beautiful day...wish I could say the same for today.  Some big rain system has decided to camp out here for the next few days.  It's not too bad....certainly better than snow.  I just wish it would move on.....
I hope all of you out there in blog land are doing well and are all ready for the upcoming Holidays.... Travel safe.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Toilet Repairs

Never a dull moment round here....yesterday our toilet decided it had enough and stopped working.  The waste ball valve would not open when I stepped on the flush petal.  That is not good.  We got out the manual, did a little trouble shooting, and decided it was either the waste ball or the drive arm connected to it that was bad.  Now, to find replacement parts.  Billy found an rv parts store in the area and headed over.....unfortunately he came home empty handed.   Did a little more research and found two more rv parts/service centers close to us.  This time I went with him.  The first place could only provide us with a new flange seal.  The second place.....had the rest of what we needed....I said a prayer of "Thanks" to the toilet gods on that one!
Now, comes the really fun part....the actual repair.  One thing I found out....there are parts of a toilet one should never have to see and most certainly should never have to touch!  BUT WE DID!  I'll spare you the "gross" photos........
This is where it all begins.....after we shut off and drain water lines of course.  Billy is removing the toilet.
 Ok, we are ready to take it last photo.......
 This is what it looks like before and we are hoping that it is what it looks like when we finish....
Now, what happened next.  I read off the instructions step by step while Billy was the man with the tools.  We had to disconnect almost everything at the back so that we could then remove the bowl from the base.  That gave us access to the waste ball.  This is where it got nasty....they don't call it a waste ball for nothing.  We hung in and removed all the old and scrubbed up everything as best we could.  Yes, I was scrubbing  and yes, we wished we had those gloves that the horse vets use....ya know, the ones that go up to your armpits!  We found it was the waste ball that was broken.  The tab key had broken off into the key way on the drive arm.  Yes, I learned all the technical terms and mumbo jumbo.  
Here is a shot of the completed waste ball and seals.  We managed to get the toilet back together....only had a couple of head scratching moments.  I was glad I had taken those before photos.  We made sure everything was working before we reseated the toilet.  It did!  Again, thankful to the toilet gods!  Put the toilet back into position...turned on the water, and SWISH....we are back in business.  We learned a lot, we both were very proud, and we both hope we NEVER have to do it again.......

Monday, December 6, 2010

Life at El Rio

Life here in the land of El Rio Waterfront park has been pretty laid back and uneventful the past few days.  I have been working on some paintings and designing things for my Zazzel shop.  Thanks to some Rv Dreamers....I have actually sold a few of my Christmas ornaments.  I so appreciate all of you who have passed along my links and supported my efforts to promote and sell some of my art.  
We really enjoy the laid back atmosphere here at the park, but some find it a little boring.  We met our next door neighbors the other day.  Nice couple from Illinois.  They like to go, go, go!  They have been a little bored here at the park.....not enough folks here to socialize with I guess.  The park is a little empty right now, but come January it is supposed to fill up.  We kinda like having the place to ourselves.  Anyway, they are up and out from early morning to evening.....seeing the sights and I think they like visiting the casinos around here too!  Ah well, to each his own.  We do have a couple of places we will be checking out....but we are in no hurry and will probably lay low until the Christmas season has passed.
I was out walking the furballs the other day and another neighbor made a comment about them that I have not heard before.  She said they were cute (well, we hear that a lot cause they are just cute as can but then she added that they look like little sheep.  Never thought of that before, but they kinda do look like sheep and come haircut day they get sheared like what does that make me......a little Bo Peep?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty In Pink

Living in a fifthwheel, I thought my days of putting up a Christmas tree were probably over.  Not to mention the fact, that I once owned a small gift shop and every Christmas I put up about 4 to 6, I figured I was just over it......well.....guess what......
We were out doing some shopping yesterday and I just couldn't resist this little pink just called out to me.  You all know I just love pink.  I wish it were a 2 foot or a 3 foot tree, but it is 4 feet least it is "skinny".  I don't have any ornaments at this point, but I think she is pretty just the way she is......simply PINK!  I guess she is my Christmas present to me this year and she goes very nicely with my pink flamingo!
Our second purchase is a drinking fountain for our furballs.  We had one of those big 2 gallon water stations and Billy almost always scrubbed it out before refilling, but it still was starting to have an odor.  We saw this at pet's mart and although I figured we could probably get it cheaper on line, I decided to buy it.  Much easier to return a store bought item.  Got it home, read the instructions, and it was up and running in no time.  At first, the furballs were a little skeptical, but eventually they were both lapping away....slurping down that fresh, cold water.

Here it is.  It runs off a 12 volt plug and it is very quiet.  I'm really sensitive to sounds...especially any type of constant hum and I hardly hear this at all.  Now, we do have it on carpet so that might make a difference.  I do hear the "tinkle" of the water running once in a while, but that I don't mind at all.  There is about a 1 1/2 gallon reservoir at the back and a small pump that recirculates the water.  This will have to be cleaned regularly as well, but it all comes easily apart for that purpose.  There is also a charcoal filter that is supposed to be replace every two to four weeks, but I'm not too worried about that.  We filter all the water as it comes into the we will probably just pitched the filter rather than replace it when the time comes.  I did find this available on Amazon for about $10 cheaper.  If you click on my Amazon link at the side of the post, it will take you to the product page.  There you will find all the specifications and several reviews.  So far....we and the furballs like it and I am glad we made the purchase.  I just feel that the water is "cleaner" now and of is all about the furbabies in this household!  We are in the process of looking into some "boots" for them to wear.  Don't laugh!!  More on that subject....later.
As to the weather here in Bullhead City.....things are finally improving.  The cold front and all that wind have moved on it seems.  Yesterday was beautiful and the temps are starting to climb back up into the 70's.  Look out, DAD.....I think that Cold front is headed east and will be dipping it's cold icy fingers into Florida sometime in the next few days.  Better start warming up those toddies....LOL!  And a bit of good news.....actually great news.....We heard back from Goodyear on our tire blow claim.  The are covering it 100%, to the tune of about $3000.00.....Life is indeed GOODE!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Additions to my Blog site

I have made some changes to my travel blog....moved some things around and added some new items.  So, if you have the time you may want to have a little "looky-loo" Thanks
Check out Donna and Stu's new site called Toadilypets.  Toadilypets is the cutest site and if you have not checked it out....take a minute and do so....I think you will really like what you find.  Especially if you are a lover of all things furry and know I am!
Lastly....thanks for all the comments on the previous post.  As to where the table came from....a local furniture store called Kittles in Lafayette, Indiana.  I could not find a manufacturer's name on it, but it is certainly not exclusive to Kittles and it is not an expensive table.  Sorry I could not be of more help.  That's about it for today....I'm anxious to start a new painting....have a great day!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Table and Travel Mode

I hope everyone had a most enjoyable Thanksgiving....I know we did.  I'm not sure if I had shown you this before or not....if I have please forgive the dead brain cells that have forgotten...
This is a photo of our new dining table and chairs.  The chairs are nothing special, I had them tucked away in storage knowing someday I would use them.  I am currently looking for some fabric to reupholster them to match the rest of my decor.  The table....we love, it is just the right size.  One of the things we love the most.....the leaves that drop on either side.  Great for travel mode.  So, here are some photos of what our fiver looks like when we are bouncing down the road.....
 Both slides are in and as you can see we can comfortably walk to the back.  That is where the new table comes into play.  Our old rectangle of a table fit so tightly at the end of the counter that you really had to work to "squeeze" by it.  Things are so much easier now and if we stop for lunch we can actually use the table.....a big plus!  We have complete access to our kitchen and bath areas. 

 Here is the "packed" view of the back of the trailer.  Everything rides very well.
 Here is the view of the side slide.  We can actually sit in the chair and watch tv.  We also have complete access to our desk area.
Last but not least....the furbabies.  They have been trained to stand either there or next to me in the kitchen....when the slides are going in or out.  They do very well with this and they are so very excited when the slides go out.  When I give them the go ahead they both charge into the living room....make the circle and each pops up into a recliner.  What a life!  So, there you have it.....The Goodelife, on the road.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Thanksgiving will be spent with just the two of us, oops, four of us....can't forget the furballs!  I'll miss my family, but I will enjoy the day.  Yes, we will do a Thanksgiving meal with all the traditional fix'ens.  The furballs will have a treat of turkey and sweet potatoes on their plates as well.  It has been a tough year at times....I'm sure many of you feel the same...and I find those 'tough times' make the blessings in my life all the sweeter.  I have friends and family who love me.....and all my faults.  I am also blessed with the most beautiful grandson and his Mom....who has become like a daughter to me.  I have many blessings in my life and I am Thankful for every go, thankful....and be blessed.....Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Relaxing in Bullhead City

Have not done anything exciting, just getting to know our surroundings.  We found a Wally World just down the street from us and a nice little mall.  There is also a very nice Safeway guess we won't starve....LOL
The weather here the last few days has been a bit on the windy and cool side.  We even had a little sprinkle of rain the other evening.  It seems a cold front came through, but not to worry temps are still in 60s day and 40's night.  If the wind would just go way things would be fine.  Bullhead City is kinda like living in a "bowl" with the mountains all around you.  So when the wind comes in and "slaps you in the face" it also then turns around and "kicks you in the behind"......I'm ready to be done with that!
Yesterday, I was in a baking mood.  I really do enjoy baking and I love my kitchen in my fiver.  It is just the right size and everything is in easy reach.  Here is the result.......
 Gingersnap cookies fresh from my convection oven.....mmmm, good!  I did have one oven is capable of 3 settings....convection, halftime, and microwave.  I use the convection setting for baking and oops on the last batch I forgot to hit the convection button.  It defaults to microwave....after about 3 minutes the aroma of burnt cookies filled the air and I knew what I had done....ah well,  I didn't let a few burnt cookies spoil the day!
And see what the "men" of the house were up to for most of the day on Sunday.......
Cosmo is quite the lapdog......LOL

Friday, November 19, 2010

We're Here

We arrived here in Bullhead City around 12:30 and boy, oh boy did we luck out.  This place is least we think so......
Here is a photo of our drive on Highway 93......looks pretty nice....and fairly easy........
Oh, isn't that nice......great scenery.....nice, relaxing we are on Highway 68
Oh, this doesn't look good......11 miles......runaway truck ramps.......the relaxing is OVER!
Ok, I'm really not happy about this.......not at all happy!  I'm grabbing onto my "oh sh-t" handles now and I'm not letting go till we reach the bottom!  Dad, Mom, everybody....I love you all.......Holy we goooooooo.........

Well, needless to say, we made it.  Was it worth it......OH YEAH......take a look.
This is our site....backing in was a little challenging as this is a small rv park, but the manager came out and helped us and we were in and set up in no time.  Those ropes you see are lighted ropes separating each site on each side.....really nice soft lighting for evening.  We have a concrete patio with picnic table and even a little grass for the furballs.  The rest of the site and surrounding area is gravel.  We are able to park the truck right across the way so we have more room on the site itself.
This is the utility side of our site, plenty of room to put up our satellite for internet and our tv dish is at the back.  They do have pretty good cable here, but we are used to our Direct TV.  As to internet, our verizon air card is marginal so we put up our hugesnet.  I just assumed the park internet (tengo) would cost, but I found out this morning that it is free. 
Now, this is the very best part.......this is the view from the patio of the clubhouse...which is just a few steps away from our site.  Yep, that is a fisherman down there and he is catching some trout.
Here is another shot.....the Colorado River....the water is so clear.....and it is so peaceful.  This is going to be a wonderful at the El Rio Waterfront Resort.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Congress, Escapees North Ranch

We had another great travel day through the Tonto Forest.  We took US 70 out of Safford and then picked up US 60 around Globe.....I10 around Phoenix and then back to 60 to Congress.  Driving through the Tonto Forest was......well, just magical.  The rock formations are just awesome.  Of course, the ride back down the mountain was a little scary for me.....but the beauty of it all.....I'm just so amazed.  I felt "childlike" seeing and experiencing things for the first is a wonderful feeling and I'm so thankful for this fulltime lifestyle.  I know I would have never had these experiences if not for fulltiming.  I took a bunch of photos with my iphone.  I just have not had time to download them and see if any are decent enough to publish here on the blog......look for some photos next time.
We arrived in Congress and set up at the Escapees North Ranch around 3pm.  After set up and feeding the furballs we headed into Wickenburg for dinner.  There is a little Mexican place there and it is so very good and very reasonably priced.  After dinner, it was back to relax in our easy chairs.  Today we continue our journey to our winter destination in Bullhead City.  I checked out the map and we will be taking another one of those "scenic" drives......stay tuned.....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stay Continued.....

We have enjoyed our stay here at Roper Lake that we extended another 2 nights.  I did manage to get into that spring fed hot tub and had it all to myself......wonderful!  Yesterday we wondered into town and found the local Walmart.  Stocked up on a few groceries and then found a propane fill up station as well.  Next, we found a nice steakhouse.  They had an early bird special 8oz filet with all the fixen's for $10.00 and it was very good and tender.  Neither of us could finish our steak so the furballs had a little "extra" on their supper plate last night!
 Here are some photos of the beautiful sunset here at the park.  The one above was shot right out our doorway.  The one below was shot over the lake. 
We will be leaving this peaceful place tomorrow.  Did a lot of checking and searching for a spot for the winter around the Phoenix area......and just couldn't find the "right" fit for us.  Ended up expanding our search to include Bullhead City and "Bingo" we came across El Rio Waterfront Resort sits right on the Colorado River.  We booked their last spot for the winter!  We plan on stopping in Congress for an overnight at North Ranch Escapees Park near Wickenburg....Love that place!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Safford AZ

Our journey yesterday was smooth and uneventful.....just the way we like it.  We are currently close to Safford, AZ in a super state park Roper Lake.  Billy had done a little research and found this park....what a little jewel it is.  We arrived here around 12:30 and the park ranger told us there was a wedding going on in the park today, but there were still plenty of nice spots available.  It seems the wedding party had reserved the entire cabin and tent area.  That meant that a group of tent campers were relocated to one of the rv camping areas.  The tent campers did take up quite a few rv spots....these are paved and have water and electric....but we still managed to find a pree-mo spot.  
Here we what feels like our own little "private" camping spot.  There is quite a bit of room between campsites, plus lots of bushes and small trees.
This is the view out our door.....we even have our own little path to the spring feed hot tub!
This is a view of our fifth wheel from "street side" the tent campers were right across from us and must have had at least 20 kids with them.....all ages.  While we were setting up, one of the littlest ones decided to explore the underside of our fifth wheel.  I was out with the furballs and saw the little guy.  Billy and I were both trying to get him to come out....but it was clear he did not speak any English.  Finally, he came out and then came running right towards our two dogs.  I started telling him no, but he just kept chasing me round the picnic table.  I imagine that was quite a sight!  Anyway, I finally got the dogs inside and Billy hollered over at the adults to please come get this little guy....which they did.  He was cute as can be.....but, my dogs are not use to kids and although they have never so much as growled.....I just didn't want to take any chances.  Especially with an over excited 3 year old who doesn't speak English!  
This is a view of Lake can fish and boat
This is a photo of the island peninsula.....the wedding was held there
We had originally planned to only spend one night here, but we are enjoying the surroundings so much that I went ahead and booked us for one more.  The weather has been wonderful....a little chilly at night (low 30's) but sunny and warm during the day (high 60's). Today I plan on exploring the park...there is a trail that goes round the lake and of course I'm planning on checking out that spring fed hot tub....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Travel Day

Today is another travel day....leaving Las Cruces and heading toward Phoenix.  I don't think we will make it all the way to Phoenix though....we will probably be stopping at one of those less than stellar rv parks along the highway for the night. 
I did forget to tell you all that when we left Toad Suck, (I just love saying that name...LOL), I personally dumped the black tank.  I figured I had better learn how to do that....just in case Billy can't for some reason.  So, he stood by telling me step by step and I, wearing not one but two pair of gloves, proceeded to "dump".  The only problem I had was removing one of the fittings from the hose at the end.....took a little more muscle than I could manage, but it may have had more to do with the two pair of too large gloves I was wearing.....he,he!  At any rate, I was proud of myself for doing it and feel confident I could do it by myself if the need arises.  It really didn't bother me.  I guess being a woman and having had a child prepares you for all that "s--t" coming down the's nothing we ain't seen before....LOL!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was just one of those "Extra Goode" days.....We left Bottomless Lakes and headed southwest on Highway 70.  I was really kinda anxious about traveling through the mountains, but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and only a little bit terrifying!  We would go through desert like conditions and high temps in the 70's and then as we would rise in elevation the temps would drop (some into the 50s) and the scenery would turn green with tall fur trees.  I highly recommend Highway 70.....mostly four lanes, decent blacktop, and not to twisty or steep.  I noticed on the map that we would be going by White Sands and I told Billy this time....we were stopping to have a look.  We had driven by this last time we went west and I always regretted having not stopped.  Well, Billy gave me that "Oh, do we have to", look and I gave him that " Yes, we have too" look right back!  As we pulled into the entrance, I have to admit I was having second thoughts.  It didn't look too impressive at this point.  Down the long drive we drove....remember we have our "not so little" home behind us.  I was starting to worry about getting stuck with no where to turn around, when we came upon the entrance fee station.  I told Billy to ask the ranger if we were ok to get in and back with our rig.  The ranger didn't indicate that we would have any problems and so Billy got out his senior pass.....which we didn't see, it was Veteran's Day and so the park was offering free admission to everyone.  We slowly traveled back into the park and the surrounding landscape began to change.  Suddenly, it felt like we were entering into a Winter Wonderland as everything around us began to turn white with little to no vegetation.  There were lots of areas where even our rig could have pulled off the road and parked, but we kept going wanting to see where this adventure would take us.  We finally came to a sign which stated that the pavement ended HERE!  What the heck does that mean!  It means, we discovered, that at this point they simply just plow through all those white sand dunes.......they make a big loop at the end in the "heart of the sands".  Again, there is a large parking area where we could stop and explore.  I couldn't wait to get out of the truck......and let my bare feet hit all that beautiful, white, sand.
That's us down there in the parking area.....looks like we are in Alaska......
I took this from a top of one of the sand dunes.  I have to tell you my emotions were running stand there surrounded by all that beauty was quite inspirational.  I just felt so incredibly happy and filled with joy.  It is an experience I will always treasure.  
There's Billy and the furballs.  Needless to say, he too was very impressed and glad we stopped.  The furballs were even excited.  They too seemed to know just how "special" this place is.....ya know, we never could get either one of them to "potty" while we were there.  LOL!  I know....weird....Billy said it was because it reminded them of their Granny's white carpet...and they know that is a major!
OK, this is the last photo I'll share with you.   Looks like it is snowing doesn't it or a starlit night?  Well, my version of trick photography.  You see, I took this while in the truck....those snowflakes or stars that you see....well...they are actually bug splatters on the windshield....who knew....they'd come out looking like snowflakes....he, he!
White Sands is one nifty place and we do plan to return someday.  When we come back, I plan on buying one of those snow sleds they sell at the gift shop.  Yep!  We saw a lot of folks "sledding" down those giant sand dunes....that's for me!
It was hard to leave White Sands, but we continued our journey on to Las Cruces.  We are staying at the Sunny Acres RV park.  It is nothing special, but it is a passport America park.  
DAD.....we ate dinner last night at the La Posta de Mesilla.  Really neat place and good food....the margarita's aren't bad was a good thing I have my own private DD.....thanks for the info!  LIFE IS GOODE!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Alien's have Landed

Yep!  You guessed it....we arrived yesterday in the "land of aliens"....otherwise known as Roswell, New Mexico.  We had actually planned to go up to Santa Fe, but I looked at the weather forecast for the upcoming week and decided NOT!  They are talking low temps in the teens and snow is also on the radar.  Santa Fe will have to wait til spring.  Apparently, the weather folks heard that the Goode's are traveling west this year.  Now, it seems all of the west is in for unseasonably cold temps.  We took Highway 60 out of Amarillo, doing our best to get south of the impending cold front.  Seems the cold front is determined to catch up with keeps slipping further down everyday.

We are currently spending a couple of days in Bottomless Lakes State Park.  We stayed here last time we headed west.  It is a nice park, nice spacing between rvs, beautiful views, and some of the sites have full hookups.  We awoke to 30 degrees this am.  Not too least the sun is shinning.  Tomorrow we will continue our journey heading to Las Cruces.  Any out there that knows of a nice rv park in the area.....appreciate you passing the info along to us.  Meanwhile.....I may have to dig out my longjohns!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I finally found a Wind-Break

Yep, I finally found a Wind Break here in Amarillo, Tx.  It is called the Palo Duro Canyon....
It was a truly beautiful day.  I'm just posting the one photo.....cause my camera just can't do justice.  Standing there looking out over the canyon is inspiring and simply takes your breath away.  Once we were down at the bottom...the winds were no more....and the temps sored into the 80's and low 90's.  We had planned on doing some hiking while there, but we ran into a little problem.  Bikers.....not the motorized kind...the mountain bike kind.  They were everywhere.  Now don't get me wrong....everyone deserves access, but I think there needs to be some bike only or hikers only paths.  The bikers are all about taking the trails as fast as they can.....the one's we ran into were very polite, ringing their bells and saying 'excuse us'.....but we had to move off the path into the brush so they could pass.  Now, if it would have been just us that would have been fine.  But, we had our two furbabies with us and I don't like leaving the path with the dogs.  I can't see what might be waiting in all that underbrush for the dogs to step on or into.  So, back to the truck we went.  Good news is, you can enjoy the beauty of the park driving the winding road that runs through it.  There are plenty of areas where you can pull over and enjoy the view. 

Ok, now I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for our new 'toy' to be revealed........drum roll please..........
It is our new induction cook top....and it is way cool!  It can boil water in a heartbeat and we love the portability of it.  If you want a few more details you can click on the icon to the right, we ordered ours through Amazon.  It is something we have been looking at for a long time, but the price was just never right.  Well, Bill found one that he felt would do the job and at a price we felt comfortable far so good....we love it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Amarillo photos

Yesterday was a do nothing day......nothing exciting anyway.  I combed out the furballs, who are in need of a bath.....but this Texas wind is not going to let up anytime soon.  I also got the laundry chore out of the way.   I did take a few photos of our site.
As I said, no great views or anything....but nice level pad and nice spacing between sites.
We were lucky enough to get an end lot....just a short walk to the grassy area for the furballs.
I also had taken some photos of the new Amarillo Welcome Center.  I love the way they did the bricks to give the look of the colorful canyons.
Here is an interior shot.....just beautiful
And of course, I had to include a photo of the cow pasture....

That is it for now.....tomorrow I'll share a photo of Billy's new toy....ok, I like the new "toy" too!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oasis RV Amarillo

Yesterdays ride to Amarillo proved to be a lot smoother than we anticipated.  Once we were in Amarillo we headed to our favorite rv park there......Oasis RV Park.  Now this place doesn't have that "it factor" view and no hiking trails or anything like that, BUT it has everything else.  Full hookups, level concrete pad and patio, grass for the furballs to tinkle upon, 50 cent washer/dryers, restaurant on site.....that delivers to your rv if you desire....well, you get the picture.  The only big negative is you are close to the interstate and there is road noise.  I'll post some photos in tomorrow's post.  The really awesome thing is the price.  Apparently they are determined to win the rv market here in Amarillo.  We are paying $20 a night with the 3rd night free.  We are staying here 6 nights.....$80.00......and that is a very Goode thing....LOL!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Route 66

I swear going through the state of Oklahoma on I40W has just about done us in.  Yesterday was probably the worse.  The road is so bad, it just about beat us both to death.  I'm sure the poor furballs thought they were gonna die.  Finally pulled off in Weatherford at the Route 66 RV park.  Nothing special to report here.  The place has a few permanent trailers and is in fair condition, but cost $28 for the night.  We both felt that was too high for what it is, but we were so tired of bouncing down the road that we decide to go ahead and stay.  At least the night was quiet and uneventful.

Today we are back on I40W heading to Amarillo.  So far the road has been much better, we hope it last. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pass on This Park

We left Toad Suck park today and headed toward Oklahoma along highway 4o.  We had done our research (I thought) and had decided to stay in a small rv park in Checotah, Oklahoma called Oneda RV park.  I checked out the parks web site  and for a quick overnight stay it looked acceptable, plus it is a Passport America park so the the price was right (12.50).   When we exited the highway and Oneda RV park came into say we were disappointed is an understatement.  The park is in very poor condition with several permanent rvs....all old and with lots of trash around them.  Apparently the photo on the web site had been carefully cropped so one did not see the trashy surroundings.  We really considered getting back on the highway, but we had done our research and knew that rv parks were far and few between in this neck of the woods.  So, reluctantly we pulled into a large pull through at the end of the row.  At least we were somewhat removed from the worst of the park and no one could pull in next to us on the curb side of our fifth wheel.  The park owner was friendly.  BUT.....I made the mistake of asking her to recommend a good restaurant in town.  She did.....we went....and all I can say is.....YUCK.  The restaurant was as run down as the park and the food was awful.  I couldn't even eat mine.  Back at the fiver the shades were drawn, the door was shut, and we were in for the night.  I can't wait to put this park in our rear view mirror......

Sunday, October 31, 2010

You are not going to believe this.....BUT

We found the nicest COE here in Arkansas.  Now, it is called "Toad Suck Park"....I kid you not, that is it's name. 
 The back of our campsite overlooking the Arkansas River
 Another view of our site.  There is nice spacing between most of the campsites.  We have water and electric here and because Billy is a senior.....we have it all for $10 per night.
Here is a photo of the dam and lock.  
Another bit of interesting info for you....we decided to stop at at walmart yesterday in Searcy, AK yesterday.  I programed it into our GPS....who we affectionately call the "B---H" (you get the picture) and took the exit she called out.  Turned right, again following her direction.  Next thing we know she is telling us that we have arrived.....NOT....not a walmart in sight.  We had to find a parking lot large enough to turn around in.  I got on my iphone and found the walmart and this time programed the address.  This time the "B---H" got us going in the right direction, but again proclaimed we had arrived well before we spotted the walmart sign. is the big thing...when we turned into the entrance we were greeted with one of those height restrictive barriers like you see for parking garages.  Seems this walmart does not want truck or rv traffic.  I have to admit the place was absolutely packed...looked like "black Friday", we would not have found a place to park even if we could get in.  There were probably 4 different entrances and all had the height restrictive barriers.  Needless to say, we boogied on down the road.  Sorry, I didn't think to get photos....I guess I was a bit in shock over the whole thing. 
Any...who, we are kicked back and relaxing her at Toad Suck's Park......which by the way definitely does not SUCK!