Monday, November 28, 2011

Jacksonville Florida

Yes, we made it.  We are at another Passport America Park called Pecan Park RV Resort.  It is a nice park, close to shopping and the Jacksonville Zoo.  It is also close to the there are a couple of times during the day when the planes are a bit loud, but nothing too bad.  You are also right next to a flea market.....don't waste your time there...yuck!
Here is our site....all concrete and nice spacing between neighbors, plus all are pull throughs.  Our only problem is the concrete table and benches.  Although nice to have....really not enough room...we are going to need to be very careful when we pull out.
Ok, enough about the site on to the Zoo!  I loved it!  Lots of green space....clean and well maintained.  It definitely caters more to young families then some.  Train rides, carousel, and large playground area.  But all but the train ride is contained in one loop...the rest is all dedicated to the animals and some beautiful garden areas.  
Speaking of flowers.....didn't pay attention to what these were called, but they are stunning!
 Here is a catfish lounging around on a bed of fallen fall leaves....yes, he is underwater!
 Here is another underwater guest!
 A Florida Panther....catching some zzzzzz's!  Not the best photo as I had to shoot through glass....which does add a bit of distortion and fuzz.
 I think this is a Jaguar......very cool!
This guy is a black leopard, again the photo is taken through glass so not the best.  What I wish you could see from the photo, is that the "leopard spots" are still there...very faint, but still there.
I spent the entire day at the zoo....I was so tired last night that I was in bed before 8pm.  Today I gave the furballs a bath and we made plans to head for Mount Dora, Florida tomorrow.  One of my brothers lives close by and there is a really quaint downtown shopping area that I enjoy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.  We certainly did!  Spent the day with my cousins at their beautiful home on St Simons Island.....very nice!
Today we are just kicking back here at the black Friday crowds for us.  I promised some photos of our site here at the RV ya go
 We are lucky right now....don't have anyone next to us on our door side.  
The photo above shows just how close your neighbor can be here.  The only reason we are staying here is convenience and it is a Passport America park.  Its an "ok" park for a few nights. 
We will be leaving here tomorrow (Saturday) and heading to Jacksonville Florida for a few least that is the plan for today....LOL!  My cousin Linda mentioned yesterday that the Zoo in Jacksonville was very nice.  I checked it out and decided it might be worth a visit! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tybee Island

We enjoyed a simply lovely day on the Tybee Island beach on Sunday.  The weather could not have been more perfect
The sun sparkled and danced across the water.....
We saw quite a few surfers out on the water....all in wetsuits cause that water is mighty chilly!
 I loved watching the seagulls....I think these guys were having a meeting.....wonder what about??
 Little Sandpiper picking his way through the surf.  These guys are really fast and so much fun to watch as they move in and out of the surf
 A couple of Seagulls out for a Sunday stroll......
 Just never know who or WHAT you might find lurking on the!
After our walk, we had a great dinner at a little seaside restaurant.  I ate 2 whole pounds of fresh was sooo good!  
Monday morning was a travel day......short one...we headed south down to Brunswick where we will be spending our Thanksgiving on St Simon Island.  Found a Passport America park called Golden Isle.  I'll have some photos of our site for next time.  Today, I'll leave you with one last photo.  A visitor came by Monday morning as we were preparing to leave.....
 Cute little Eastern Bluebird.....came by to say "goodbye"!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bonaventure Cemetery

If you are a regular follower of my blog, then many of you will not be surprised by our destination yesterday.....
 It is not the oldest cemetery in Savannah, but it is one of the most both the living and the dead.  You can read more of its history here.  
Bonaventure Cemetery is hauntingly, beautiful.  Full of history....and secrets...yet to be discovered....come see for yourself....
 "Hauntingly, Beautiful" bares repeating.  You are surrounded by large moss laden oaks everywhere you turn.  Its the cemetery's envelopes you, keeping you close within it's sheltering arms.  
 Does she ponder what lies ahead or think of the life she left behind....
 What does she she silently waits.....
 Angels abound here......guiding the way....
 Beautiful and elaborate carvings.......
 Each unique and waiting to tell a release its secrets....
 Do you see what I see...I doubt it was the artist intent, but it does make you smile.  A sweet little doggie face, greets all who pass by.....
And this is "Gracie" one of Bonaventures more famous inhabitants.  A sweet child of six, who left this world to soon....
 It was a beautiful day...quiet and peaceful....a day of reflection...a day well spent. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Savannah Impressions

We made out trip to Savannah without any problems...I think it was around 2pm when we checked into the Hardeeville RV Park.  Hardeeville is actually in South Carolina, but it is only 10 miles from downtown Savannah and you can't beat the price.  They currently are running a special for Passport America can have that special rate ($21 for 50 amp) for as many days as you like.  I checked several of the Savannah rv parks and they were all in the high 40s and 50s.  The park is very nice has internet and cable, but that is about it.  Here is a photo of our site....
 As you can see, nice level site, gravel and nice patch of grass for the furballs.
Yesterday we headed for downtown Savannah our first stop being the visitors center.  The folks there were very helpful.  We found we could leave our truck parked in their parking area (first hour free, $1 an hour after that) and jump on the "blue dot" bus for free to travel around the city.  We caught the bus and headed for our first stop....Lafayette Square....
 Beautiful!  We decided to just walk from there to some of the other "squares"....exploring the historical downtown.  It is a mix of beauty and the not so beautiful as you often find in downtown areas.  We enjoyed our walk, but watch out for the is constant and everyone seems to be in a hurry!  
This is known as "The Pink House" restaurant and tavern.  Billy and I decided to have lunch here.  It was delicious and the atmosphere was wonderfully romantic and peaceful.  A welcome break form all the hustle and bustle of the outside traffic.  After lunch we walked down to the riverfront.....I didn't really enjoy that much....kinda of dirty....steep stairs....and uneven cobblestone streets that were very hard to walk on, but still I'm glad we saw it.  We headed back to the truck and then back to Hardeeville and two furballs who were very glad to see us especially since it was an hour past their dinner time....LOL!  Today we will venture out on another that may surprise some of you!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Yesterday was a travel day....headed over to Elko GA....about 30 miles south of Macon.  They say "timing is everything" and that sure held true for us yesterday!  We left Montgomery around 9am....earlier then usual for us.  I don't know exactly when the severe weather hit Montgomery, but I know it did some damage and left many without power.  We managed to stay just ahead of the storm all day, arrived at Twin Oaks RV park early afternoon and were all set up and snug in our fiver when the storm finally caught up with us.  Luckily the worst of the storms stayed just to the north of us.  We had some thunder and lighting, some strong wind at times, but nothing severe.  
This little park we are in is very nice and the Passport America rate of $19 makes it even better!  Today is another travel day, making our way to Savannah and hopefully all the storms are well past and we can have a bit of dry weather for our visit there.  Oh yeah, I did make it to the Montgomery Zoo and had a fabulous time.  If you enjoy Zoos and are in the area don't pass this one up, it is one of the best small zoos I have seen!  Admission is only $10 and it is free to park....a real bargain!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Montgomery AL

Gosh, time just flies by these days!  We have been really enjoying our time here in Montgomery visiting with family.  My cousins have a beautiful home...back in the woods, cottage style, very cozy.  I really loved seeing it and visiting with them the past few days.  They have invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them at their home on St Simon Island, GA and we may just do that!
Today I'm hoping to visit the zoo here, but the weather may not cooperate.  They are forecasting rain here this afternoon.  I'm going to head over this morning and see what happens.
The park we are staying at is pretty nice.  Level, spacious lots....see for yourself....
Nice little concrete patio and our own little patch of grass for the furballs.  Capitol City RV Park
We will be heading out on Wednesday....heading over to Savannah GA for a few days.  Really excited to spend a few days there sight seeing!  One last photo before I close....
 I took this early morning yesterday...just as the sun was starting it's upward journey.  Pretty Awesome!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our last full day in Nashville was spent at the Fontanel Mansion...former home of Barbara Mandrell.  It was a great day.  There was only a total of 4 of us on the tour, so we got to really take our time.  Check out my photos....
Here is the front of the is supposed to be the largest log cabin in the US.
Large living room area
Where the kids used to hang can see Billy is quite at home there at the soda fountain...LOL!
Large indoor pool area.  The pool currently has a glass floor installed over it.
Part of the master bath.....
Master bath area...Barbara often used this as her "office"...there was a phone installed in one of the drawers.
These 3 bears where carved and set into the entrance of the family room and kitchen area.  They represent Barbara's 3 children.  Very cute!
After the tour we had dinner at the Farmhouse Restaurant located on the mansion property.  I had the best smoked pork chop I think I have ever eaten.  So good...melt in your mouth.  Billy had a BLT with fried green tomatoes and loved it as well.  Next we chatted with a wood carver just outside the restaurant and I had to take this charming carving home.
I just loved it and it even has a little battery powered light for the windows.  Back at the fiver, we both hit the easy chairs.
We headed out for Montgomery early Wednesday morning.  Knew it would be a long travel day for us (6 hrs instead of our usual 4).  We decided to take the interstate since it looked like the shortest route and offered more areas to stop along the way.  What a day.....the traffic was heavy at times, construction areas,  and then the rain came making everything worse.  We had a few close calls with stupid people doing stupid things, but eventually arrived safely at our destination.....just outside of Montgomery.  I'll post more on the park with some photos next time....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Opryland Hotel

Yesterday we headed over to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  I have been there before, but I just love to walk through the gardens...especially now that I have my nifty camera! Here is just a few of the many photos I snapped......
 This is just one of the large indoor garden rooms.  There is even a flatboat and you can ride around the "island".
 A view of one of the many falls....
 Absolutely gorgeous plants and flowers....
Don't you just love the fall colors on this tree.....
It was a wonderfully relaxing day and we had beautiful weather.  Arrived back at the rv around 3pm, took care of the furballs supper and then started our own.  Billy whipped up a batch of his famous mashed potatoes and I fried up some chicken tenders with gravy and biscuits.  Yeah, we love all that good ole time cooking that everyone says is going do us in.  All I can say is, "What a way to go"!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nashville, Tenn

We arrived here in Nashville yesterday afternoon.  Our trip was uneventful....just the way we like it.  The only worry was pulling out of my Aunt's drive and up one very steep, curvy hill.  The truck did a little moaning, but up we went and on our way!  We called ahead to the Nashville Country RV Park to make sure they could handle us and they held a spot for us.  I have to say I was really surprised at the crowd...thought this would be a "slow" time of year for them....NOT!  We don't particularly like this place, but it is a Passport America discounted park.  Although the price seems to fluctuate at the whim of the owner and I got the impression from the "tone on the phone" that they really don't appreciate us "passport" folks.   So drop the program...don't give me any crap for simply taking advantage of something offered!  Don't advertise one price and charge another!  I will say, that at least we did get a nicer site than most.....
 We got one of those "sideways" sites and we do have 50amp service.  
 The sites across the way are very tight.  We meet up with another couple from Indiana parked over there and found they are paying the same price as we are and have less room and only 30amp service.  Interesting story about that couple, they were actually staying at the same RV park in Indiana that we did this past summer (AOK)....small world!
Today we plan on doing a little exploring, hopefully I have some photos for the next blog.  We plan on being here for a couple more days.....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kentucky Lake

We made it....we arrived at Kentucky Lake late Tuesday afternoon.  We are all set up and it is beautiful here.  Have a look for yourself.....
Here we are.....
Right next to the garage area.....
This is the lane between the garage and the house.  It was one tight turn, but with a little maneuvering Billy got us down the drive.
 So right across the lane is my Aunt Karen's house.  A great screen porch across the front looking toward the lake.  We have been having a fabulous time.  It is a very tight knit community...and the folks are so welcoming.  We have been to dinner at a different house every night and the food....really yummy!