Monday, December 8, 2014

Yuma and sun!

Here is the first photo with my new camera......
Thought you might enjoying seeing our site here in Yuma.  We happen to be on a corner lot this year which is really nice.  Only a short walk away from the office, pool, and tennis courts.  Perfect!

I think I mentioned last post that Pro Shade was coming out to measure for some new sun shades.  If ya look will see that we added shade awnings to two windows and had shade covers made for the two side windows on the slide as well as a large window just behind the slide out.  We love them so much that we are going to have the back window and the windows on the other side done before we leave in the Spring.

Once has been busy here.  Last Friday was another dinner/dance with a fabulous band...Bill even got up and danced!  Then on Saturday we headed over to a BBQ rib fest at a local high school.  Dang the food was good!  Upcoming we have the annual nighttime Christmas parade here at the park.  This year the line dancers (me included) will be strutting our stuff around the park!  Oh...almost forgot we also went to a   'glow' event.  Basically a bunch of hot air balloons get together and fire up their balloons for charity...then there are fireworks.  Pretty neat!

I've been learning to play a few new games of which is card bingo.  I was the big winner last week....$31 dollars!

And last...but not least...take a look at these beauties......
 Have not had a pair of cowgirl boots for a long time......but I just had to have these!   Once again ....."life is Goode"!