Monday, August 24, 2015

Moving Forward....

Ah life.....what a rush....YES!

Closing on our house is just a few short days away.....I'm so nervous.....won't be happy till that 'check' is on our hot little hands....LOL!  We just about have the house 'cleaned out'.   Yes, I know we have not lived there for a long time, but we still had a few things in storage there.  The garage was the absolute worse.  Everything that nobody knew what to do with went there to live.  Poor Billy...we had so many left over paint cans...and you can't just throw them in the trash.  They have to either dry out naturally or you can mix in kitty liter or oil dry to hurry the process along.  Bill chose the oil dry and it works great....he just had a lot of cans to empty!  Then there are those that are solvent based.....actually those where easier.  He just had to take them to the appropriate disposal facility...sign a few papers and be done.  I don't think either of us will ever save another can of paint.  I'll just take a photo of the 'paint formula' and save it for future reference if need be.

On a happier note.....I just finished a Pet Nuchi a lovable and totally adorable Yorkie....
I keep calling him my little Prince...because he has a very Princely attitude....LOL!

We will be leaving Lafayette very soon now and heading to Richmond VA.  My nephew is getting married!  I just love weddings.....such a great celebration of love and life!  Plus...there will be dancing....and y'all know how I LOVE TO DANCE!