Friday, September 13, 2013

"This is the House that Jack Built"

So, as I said.....this is the House that Jack (my Dad) built......
This is where it all began with the five of us kids. 
This is how much we have "grown".....and we are missing a few from this photo.  My son, Samuel, and my niece, Clorissa and her son Noah.  Both theses photos were taken on our family cruise.  I think we are a pretty good look-in bunch of folks...but of course I am a little prejudice.  I know we had one heck of a good time on that cruise....thanks again Dad, and thanks for building such an awesome "house" full of love and laughter!                   You and Mom did good!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More Medical News.....

I had my root canal done early Tuesday morning.  The procedure itself was fairly painless, but not so after!  The dentist warned me that the tooth would continue to be painful for a while yet due to the infection and the trauma of the root canal.  Let me tell ya....THAT was an UNDERSTATEMENT!  Thank goodness for drugs and ice packs and another course of antibiotics!  This am seems to be a bit less painful.....and I'm thankful for that and hoping it last!  I go back in two weeks for round 2 of the procedure.....this time he packed my tooth with meds and put in a temporary filling.  Good news is that so far my "crown" on that tooth is holding up to the process and will only need a "patch" job after the completion of the root canal.  Saving some big bucks there!
My Step Father is still in the hospital.  He is stable, but so very weak and still on the ventilator.  However, the ventilator is now attached directly to his trachea.  This decision was made to help in his recovery process and to make him more comfortable.  Looks like he will be needing a long stay in rehab....there they can slowly wean him off the ventilator and start building strength back into his body.  The doctors are hoping to move him there by the end of the week.  That would be a very good thing as we will have him transported by ambulance to a rehab facility here in Lafayette.  Will make life so much easier for my Mom, as she will finally be able to be home instead of staying in a hotels.  So appreciate all those prayers and support from all of you.....thank you!
Now to the lighter side of little furball boy, by the name of Cosmo, has discovered the horses in the nearby pasture.  Cosmo and Bill were down by the fence line and about 4 or 5 of the horses came by for a visit.  Bill reported that our little boy was a wagging his tail every which way and as the horses put their heads down to investigate, he gave each one of them a big ole KISS on the nose!  Now, every time he goes out he heads down to the fence to see his new friends!