Sunday, July 26, 2015

I can't hardly believe that I'm saying of last night we have an accepted offer on our home.  A full price....clean offer!  We are so relieved and yet still a little nervous.  Although we don't expect any surprises with either the appraisal or the inspection....ya  just never know.  Our closing date is set for Aug 28, just a few days before we will be leaving for Virgina for my nephew's wedding.  Finger's crossed that all goes according to plan!

We have been full timing for over 7 yrs.....for a variety of reasons we just couldn't sell the house.  It is going to be so wonderful to continue our full time journey without the burden and worry of what will need to be repaired or replace next....although I think in the past two years we did replace just about everything that could be replaced.  New roof, new furnace, new water heater, new garage door and opener....the list goes on.  The only downside to the sale is Capital Gains....because we have not lived in the house for the past 7 yrs the government in all its infinite wisdom seems to think we owe them money from the sale.  It was never a rental....our son continued to live there.....and we own no other property with the exception of our fifth wheel.  Unfortunately, none of that makes a difference....the key wording in the tax law is 'owner occupied' so we are 'screwed' on that one.  We have made some improvements over the years....trying to locate all those receipts so we can at least minimize our tax burden.  BUT....we are not going to let that dampen our spirits.....still doing the 'happy dance'....just get us to the closing table, put the check in our hands,  and we'll be  'happy campers'!

Now we have an opportunity to seriously look into that motorhome idea we have been a thinking on.....LOL!