Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just taking a brief moment from all the festivities here at party central to wish each and everyone a very Happy New Year!  After the 1st I will share some info on a new project Billy is tank sensors.  Most of us know how unreliable most internal tank sensors can we decided to try out some external sensors.  So see ya after the New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoo Trip

Visited the Tampa Zoo the other day and I have to say I have been to better Zoos, but I did find some interesting critters there.....
Would you believe this "baby" rhino is only 12 days old?
This little fellow is a Cloud Leopard...not sure how old she is, but she is a young that sweet face.
This really got my attention...I have seen many a Pink flamingo but never a grey and white.  I know that flamingos get their color from the coral they eat, but I assumed they would be all white...guess not.
This meercat seemed to love posing for the camera!
I fell in love with this beautiful white tiger.....and 32 years ago today I fell in love with the man of my dreams and truly the love of my Billy...."Happy Anniversary, Honey" and yes, you can still curl my toes.....LOL!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yet...another project

Just what have we been up to this past week?  Well besides enjoying the company of family and friends, Billy decided to track down a leak.  Upon flushing the black tank, the interior of our basement has been getting a good soaking.  Fortunately, it is happening somewhere along the "flush" line so it is clean water.....unfortunately, Billy had to practically dismantle our basement to track the mysterious leak.  First thing was to remove a portion of the under siding, that took a grinder....eeek!  Upon pulling down the insulation, Billy found a dead mouse...(eek again!)... and a million acorns.  Yeah....acorns!  We are assuming those came from our summers up at the river property...where squirrels rule!  Next, he needed better access to the black tank so up came the floor of the basement. 
We had to remove this panel to be able to lift up the floor and expose the black tank.....
Here is is....Billy replaced the spray nozzle.  Not sure if that was part of the problem or not, but only want to do this once.  Where we found the actual leak....yes, WE...I crawled under the fiver too!  The flush line comes into the fiver and then splits to run up inside the wall where there is a "check valve" and then back down to the black tank.  Found out about the "check valve" by calling our RV Guru back in Indiana.  We had leakage where the line split and we suspected the "check valve" was no longer functioning causing the leak where the line splits.  Billy eliminated the check valve all together by placing a ball valve at the split which he can manually open and close as necessary.  Leak be gone...we are dry!  Now comes the task of putting everything back together....but that is for another day.
I'll leave you with this......
This, I believe is a Kingfisher.  He comes everyday and everyday I try to get close enough for a good photo....still not close enough...but I'll keep trying
Caught this guy taking a "fishing break" and scratching that itch!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Times!

We have been so busy, since our arrival here in Tampa.  We spent the first couple of days at my Uncle's marina catching up with family and friends.  Then we moved over to Rice Creek RV park for a couple of avoid the "parking crowd" at my Uncle's annual Christmas Party.  This is a huge event that 100's of folks attend to eat, drink, and be merry!!
Here is our spot at the flamingo welcomes everyone to the "Goode Castle"!
 "The Boys" are seen here putting up the big top for the party!
 One of Santa's reindeer stopped by to read us all a bedtime story.....LOL!
Some of the local wildlife stopped by.....and as promised...
here is one of those beautiful sunsets at the marina.....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toilet Repairs

Sorry about the delay in posting on our new toilet install, but I needed a day of rest!  Here is a photo of our old toilet....
 What I like about this one is the china has a lip on the inside and it comes up high enough on the back to hide all the hoses.  We don't have it on here, but there is also a plastic piece that wraps around the bottom area and hides all that as well. 
Here is the new you can see the china bowl does not come up to hide the plumbing in the back and there is no "skirt" for the bottom.  It has a side flush.
 A closer look....Billy installed a shut off valve where the water line comes in.  That was a little exciting....he somehow manage to put the valve in backwards.  When the water was turned back on it was a regular fountain back there, I went running through the fiver screaming, "shut it off, shut it off!".  He turned off the water, but we had quite the mess to clean up.
 This toilet has no rim at the top.  I'm not sure about that yet...don't know if it will be a problem or not at this point.  
My biggest pet peeve is this....sticking up in plain sight.  
As you can see, the toilet seat that came with it has the molded plastic piece attached to it to hid the tubing.  I don't like anything about it.  The plastic is all very thin and flimsy.  I decided I would rather have the better "seat" so I opted to put our old "seat" onto the new toilet and live with seeing the tubing.
As to function....well so far, I do like the way it flushes.  The foot pedal doesn't take as much force in stepping down to flush.  The toilet also does a little better job of rinsing than the old one and this toilet is also a little taller....Which makes getting up and down from it a bit easier on the old knees....LOL!  I guess function wins out this time.  Our old toilet was a Thetford, the new is a Dometic.  In the four years we had the Thetford, we took it apart and replaced different parts on it at least 3 times.  I'm hoping the Dometic does better....time will tell.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tampa Florida

We are currently residing in one of our favorite rv uncle's marina here in Tampa Florida......SWEET!  I have not had my camera out yet, but I will and wait till you see the gorgeous sunsets we have here almost every night.  
On a more serious note.....our toilet, for the 4th time I think, stopped working.  This time the foot petal game way.  Hard to tell where the break is without taking everything apart.  Billy swore the next time the toilet had "issues" it was headed to the trash heap.  So, yesterday at 4pm we were out buying a new toilet.  That is where things get a little dicey.  At this point, I'm not calling out brand names.....but I think the replacement toilet is not nearly as nice or well built as the one we are throwing out.  I don't like the way it looks and I'm not sold on the way it operates.  Billy overruled my objections, which made for an unhappy household last evening.  Billy will install the new toilet today....we have been using the marina's facilities in the interim.  I'll have a full report next blog with photos.  I have resigned myself to the fact that even "this toilet" is better than no toilet!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mt Dora Florida

Yes, we made it to Mount Dora last Tuesday.  We are staying at the Woods-n-Water Rv Park.....well sort of.....we are actually staying on the owner of the park's property.  He has two sites available for short term stays.  It is very nice here, but the set up is a little tricky.  We had some tight turns and a couple of low branches to get by and then we found that the fifty amp box was at the front of the site instead of the back.  Our cord would not we just used the 30 amp which is at the back of the site.  We also had water and sewer.  The actual park is located right next door which their daughter manages.  There are very few sites available to rent...most of the park is full time residences. sure and call ahead if you think you might want to check this place out.  The folks here are super nice and will make every effort to accommodate your needs.
 Here we are tucked back against the trees with the lake to the right.  We did get our direct tv up and running without a problem and our verizon card had 4g service available.  There is no cable or internet service available through the park.
 The "Cranes" also came by to welcome us.....LOL!

Yesterday we took an evening stroll through downtown Mt Dora.  If you have never been to this quaint little town, I encourage you to put it on your list.....especially at Christmas time.  They go all out lighting up the town is beautiful......carriage shops and nice restaurants....plenty of unique little shops to visit too!  I'm sorry I didn't bring my camera last night.  
Today we are heading over to Tampa.....looking forward to seeing more family and friends.