Sunday, July 29, 2012

Busy LIfe!

I just can't believe how incredibly busy we have been since sitting up "camp" here a the AOK.  Just spent the last week looking after my Mom's flowers and fish.  They went on an Alaskan Cruise....just got back Tuesday.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  We also are working on my son's one ceiling painted....3 more to go!  Then we will start on the walls.  We also installed two (new to them) toilets.  My mom replace her current toilets with the new high rise models....all us old people love-em cause it is easier to get up and down.  So, we took her old ones and installed them for my son...their knees are still young enough.....LOL!
Last night we went out to dinner with friends and had a lovely evening catching up on all the news.
Bill and I put our heads together on our "bench idea" and I think came up with a basic plan.  Now we just have to shop around for our materials.  I know I want to "clad" it in bead board.  I have always loved the "cottage style" and this is my chance to work some of it into our fifth wheel.  Billy found some made from MDF....which will work great.
We finally had our first "cold front" move through the area.  Awoke this morning to a cool 62 degrees!  Actually was able to turn the AC off yesterday and sleep with the windows open.  It really put me in the mood for Fall my most favorite time of the year!  

Monday, July 16, 2012


Yeah...we are still here, soaking up the heat in the AOK campground!  We really have been busy since our arrival.  Lots of family and friends have been dropping by for visits and we have had some great times. 
Our site here at the AOK is better than normal.  We have a nice corner lot with large area of grass for the furballs.  We also have a large tree overhead which is definitely helping our AC keep up with the heat. 
Lots of projects coming up.  We decided we just don't need a table and chairs in the fifth wheel.  I know some of you will think we are nuts, but we rarely use them.  We used tv trays cause we like to watch the evening news while we eat. to Goodwill they go and on to the "project"..........Building a large bench style seat.  We plan to hinge the lid and use the area below as storage for some of our larger appliances.  Keeping the stand mixer in our clothes closet has been a real pain.  The bench seat will also give us some "extra" seating when visitors arrive.  I also have a feeling our little furballs will like lounging there as well, especially since it will give them access to windows.
Another project on the list, helping my son to do some painting in his living room.  That should be quite the adventure with two big, rowdy dogs underfoot!  LOL! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

No room at the INN

Last Saturday the Edwardsville RV park was full.  There was a big "no vacancy" sign on the office door.  So, we headed on down the road and ended up back in Litchfield.  Stayed at the same park, Kamper Kampanion, that we had found on our way to Kansas.  Nice little park, practically have the place to ourselves.  Amazing since Edwardsville is only about 15 minutes away and it is full.  It worked out well, cause Kamper Kampanion is a Passport America park.  We are staying through to the 5th and they let us have the half price rate ($15) for every night but one.  So we is a smiling!
Another thing we like....probably will be very little fireworks here tonight.  Oh yeah, "Happy 4th" everyone.  We are not much on the firework thing cause it upsets the heck outta of our furballs. 
The temps here have not been to bad...high 90's which is better then the triple digits we had been seeing. 
Tomorrow (5th) we make the last leg of our journey back to Lafayette, Indiana.  I called the AOK campground and let um know we were coming.  The AOK is nothing to write home about but it is literally the only RV park in town.  We only get 30amp service there which is a real pain, but it is close to everyone and everything! 
And one last thing.....My son is an officially certified mold inspector!  Many of you know he has started is own biz "Crawlspace Remediation", he is working so hard to make it a success.  I think adding Mold inspection and removal is a brilliant idea!  He has also made some great contacts with in the real estate community and has already gotten his first referral from a top agent in Lafayette.  Dad and I are so very proud of you, Sam!