Monday, August 11, 2014

The Wedding Bells are getting closer!

Yes....that is the happy couple!  Isn't love a beautiful thing!

The wedding is less then 2 months away and we are all so very excited for the big day.  My Mom and I are hosting a bridal shower in a couple of weeks.  I think we have invited around 40 friends and family members.  Should be quite the happy gathering!  Can't wait!

In other news....we had a little excitement here at the AOK Rv park.  I know I have mentioned before that we are here because it is the only rv park close to our family and friends.  The park is a bit run down and we only have 30amp service.  On the up side, we do have some great neighbors.  Unfortunately one of those neighbors had enough of the constant traffic through the park and made an accusation about someone selling drugs here in the park.  The police were called.....but as far as I one was arrested.  Funny though, we did notice a decrease in traffic after that day.  Our neighbor, however, decided it was time to leave and relocated.  But before he left....he made some phone calls.  This park is plagued with sewer problems....back ups especially during heavy rains....occur on many of the sites.  Our current site has never had a problem, but we have been on some sites where it was a problem.  We always let management know, but nothing ever seemed to be done about it.  Well....seems our neighbor had been not only reporting the problems to management, but also documenting it as well with video.  So....the day after he left.....a surprise inspection took place by the State of Indiana including our local board of health.  I don't know what all transpired, but I do know that one of the worst sewer sites was dug up and repaired the very next day.  Makes one wonder about what we can't see.....underground....hopefully the 'state' will be keeping a closer eye on things.

All this makes us even more anxious to begin our journey to Elkhart.  We are going to head out right after Labor Day....having a few repairs done and then on to Michigan.  The Bride is from Michigan and that is where the wedding will take place.  Michigan is such a beautiful state....especially in the fall.  We are going to be in the Sterling Heights area...which is just north of Detroit.  If anyone out there in RV land knows of any good rv parks please let me know......