Sunday, November 30, 2008

Awoke to a beautiful blanket of white today. Seems we are to get around 2 to 4 inches of the stuff over the next couple of days. I don't mind to much, not sure how DH will feel when he wakes up and realizes he may actually have to shovel the drives and walks. I'm really hoping most of it melts. I'm picking up my brother at the Indianapolis airport this afternoon.

We did manage to get the garage straightened up yesterday. We didn't want to pay another years worth of storage fees so we moved what was left back to our garage. It is not to bad, next spring we should be able to finally purge what is left. Our son can still get his car in the garage, which makes him happy.

As to my new computer..........I'm very disappointed. MacConnection refused to accept my order due to the fact that my shipping and billing addresses are different. We have never run into anything like this before and I'm not sure what can be done about it. I have placed my order with another company and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it ships. The shipping address is to a house we still own, so you would think that it would not be a problem.

Friday, November 28, 2008

OK, so obviously the new software works and my entry was posted, but it did not do it instantly it took a couple of hours for it to finally show up. Not sure I like that aspect. I do like the idea of being able to post in my journal off line then export it to my blog. That way I can always post when things are fresh and then export it to the blog when I have Internet access. Anyway, you are all forewarned that I will be playing around with this a bit. Things may get weird!

Went up to the fiver today, DH cleaned out the basement and organized it for our departure on Tuesday. I did my work on the inside where it was much warmer!! We did pull in the slides and turn the thing around so we are pointed in the right direction! Turning it around always makes me a little nuts. The family river lot is full of trees. When we arrive it is a straight shot to the gravel pad, but when leaving we have to pull forward and turn around in a grassy area (that is no problem). After we are turned comes the hard part---weaving through the trees to get back to the driveway. DH does a fantastic job, but it just makes me nervous. He always warns me not to scream out unless he is actually going to hit the tree---not just closely pass it by! Poor guy.

Now that we are a bit more organized we can start moving the rest of our "stuff" on board. Most of our clothes are there, we just need to put the "kitchen" back together, my art supplies, computers.......... the list goes on.

Speaking of computers...........I ordered me a new one today. Unfortunately, there seems to have been a problem with my order. When I checked to see if it had shipped I found it had been cancelled. No reason listed. I called the place and they had no clue why it had been cancelled. So, they replaced the order and told me to check back in an hour to make sure it went through. The customer service rep I talked to suggested it might be due to the fact that my billing and shipping addresses were different. I explained we bill and ship differently all the time and have never had this problem. Keep your fingers crossed---I really want my new computer before we head out Dec 2

Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is a test. I am using a new program which allows me to post off line and then export the entry into my online blog. Let’s see if this works!
First, I'd like to report that Cosmo is doing much better the antibiotics seem to be working. We will continue to keep a close eye on his little nose, but so far so good.

We also received some good news on the frig in the stick house. Seems all it needed was a new thermostat for the freezer defrost. Apparently, it was unable to go through it's defrost cycle so all the coils were frosted over and that prevented the cooling from reaching the refrigerator section. The cost for the part and labor $117.00---sure beats buying a new frig!

We spent last weekend at the fiver. I knew we were in trouble when I walked in the door. It was very chilly inside, there was ice on the sink facet and the dog's water was frozen. Yep, my husband confirmed the water was froze. It seems the first propane tank had emptied and for some reason the system did not automatically switch to the second tank. All hubby had to do was re-flip the propane switch and we had heat again. We anxiously awaited the thawing of the water. Hoping we would not have any leaks pop up. After about 3 hrs, the water started running again. We turned on the water pump without turning on the water at the facet. We knew if the pump kept running we would have a leak. We got lucky! The pump was silent and we found no leaks. What a relief. It was a very chilly weekend, but hubby did manage to brave the cold and go about the business of checking tire pressure, leaf springs, and mounting the bicycles. We head out Dec 2. Weatherman is talking about the possibility of snow. We are hoping to be outta here before that happens!

That is about it for now. Wishing all of you and your families a very Happy Turkey Day!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I think if it were not for bad luck we would have no luck at all..............last night we realized that our refrigerator (in the stick house) was not cooling. The freezer seems to be working, but not frig area. I guess it is a good thing it is cold here in Indiana because it enabled us to move our food to the large, walk in refrigerator (formally known as the garage) for now. We are going to make some calls today and try to figure out if we should have this one repaired or just purchase a new one. The current frig is only 5 years old---that's fairly young in refrigerator years. We hate to put a lot of money into the old or a new one, since we will be letting the appliances go with the house when it sells.

We checked on the fiver yesterday. Everything looks and is working there. We did get all the new cornice boxes built for the new blinds. Hoping to install this weekend. Once they are installed, I'll start working on the stationary drapery panels which will be hung on either side of each window. We could have simply recovered the old "hard panels" that came with our fiver, but we both felt we would like a softer treatment. Once we get them installed I'll take some photos to share.

Lastly, poor Cosmo (our male wire fox terrier) is having some sinus issues. His poor nose is running and one of his eyes is infected. He seems to feel fine and his appetite is good. Anyway, the vet put him on some antibiotics for the nose and eye. I sure hope this all clears up. She indicated that a runny nose could also be a sign of a nasal tumor. Cosmo is only 4 yrs old. I just pray that this is only a sinus infection and nothing more serious. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not much happening around here. I did jump into the rv-dreams chat room last night and it was great chatting with everyone there.

Most of you know we have been re-doing a few rooms of our home to ready it for the market.

Here is a couple of shots of the vanity area. We painted the vanity, replace the counter top, new mirror, and light fixture. New paint for the walls and put in new vinyl flooring. Looks pretty good I think!

The sofa and chair are looking good. I reupholstered them for my son. Once the house sells they will follow him to his new home. That's about it for now--I'll share more photos soon..........

Friday, November 14, 2008

We sure have had a run of bad luck of late. Yesterday we headed up to the fiver to see how the new blinds were going to fit. Unfortunately, I had a "brain fade" moment and somehow inverted the measurement numbers on one of the blinds. I orders 50x73, when I should have ordered 73x50. I know, hard to believe I used to do this for a living and in all those years I never screwed up a measurement like that!! So, I ordered the correct size yesterday and I hope it gets here before we head out.

Hubby had his "brain fade" while cleaning the overhead fan in the rv. In his zeal to do a really good job---he broke it. Sad thing is we just had this replaced (under warranty) this past summer. He is looking online to see if he can just find a replacement part---I sure hope so.

Finally, we tried to fix my son's lap top by installing a new hard drive. Now, the silly thing won't even power up! What is up with that! As I stated in my last post, son now has a new laptop. We are trying to decide if the old one is worth having a "professional" take a look at!

We might as well be having a bonfire here with hundred dollar bills..............

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I spent last evening rehearsing with my choral club---Tippi Chorus. I sure do love to sing with those girls we have such a good time. Our next show will be for a hospital benefit. It is one of the few times when we will actually be preforming outside. I do hope it warms up a bit for that one.

I think we have a set a travel date. Looks like we will leave Lafayette Dec 2. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not force us to leave earlier. Dec 1st is a big show for my choral club and then our Christmas party and I would sure like to stick around to enjoy the festivities!

Our son's new computer came Fed Ex yesterday. We were all so excited---it is so pretty and shiny! Just beautiful and so fast. It is a Mac Book Pro and I WANT ONE!!! But, alas I'm just a poor girl, my little IBook G4 will just have to keep me happy for the near future. Really, my Ibook serves me well--it is just that it is a little slower these days. I have gotten into several memory eating programs like photoshop and ilife. I found I enjoy putting together brochures and web sites. I'm currently working on making prints and cards from my art work. I'll let you know when and where they will be available. That way maybe you can support the "mama needs a new computer" fund............

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Last weekend was spent at the fiver and what a beautiful weekend it was......the colors were spectacular and so peaceful! Just cool enough that sitting around the campfire felt great! Now, the cold is back.

I am finishing up my last project before we head west. I'm reupholstering our sofa, chair, and footstool. It is looking very nice. They will be in great shape to pass on to our son. Next on the agenda will be replacing all the blinds in the rv. We have had nothing but problems with them! I'll take some photos once the new ones are up.

I sure hope the weather holds throughout November. We can survive the cold, just no snow please!!