Friday, March 13, 2015

Parties and a Float Trip down the Colorado

Our time is growing short here in Yuma!  Our last dinner/dance is coming up this weekend.  It is also our neighbors Birthday so I'm going to be baking cupcakes today to add to the celebration on Saturday. 

I've been teaching watercolor classes here at the park and yesterday my students surprised me with a little gift!  A big ole bottle of Patron....HA!  They know me so well!  I'm gonna miss those girls.

Sunday a bunch of us are doing a float trip down the Colorado River.  I've floated down the Tippecanoe back home in Indiana, but the Colorado will be a first for me.  We found a place here that rents out the tubes....including cooler tubes for our beverages!  We park our vehicles 'downstream' and then they will haul us by bus 'upstream' where our adventure will begin.  I think there is about 40 of us going and it is about a 2 to 3 hour float depending on how many 'stops' you make at the little beaches along the way.  I know we will have fun and it is going to be hot.....looking like the 90's on that day!

We also have a big 'farewell' party planned here on our little street.  Our street is lovingly known as "Rowdy Row".....and we plan on living up to that reputation at the farewell party!  Yes....I do believe my bottle of Patron will be making an appearance that day and you know there will be dancing in the street too!

We plan on pulling out of Yuma April 8th.  I thought we might head over to Disneyland, but our budget is a little deflated after putting on the rest of the window awnings and we had to purchase a new tire monitoring system.  So we have decided to spend a little time in Congress AZ at the Escapees park.   Then in early May we will head over to San Diego......meeting up with family.....and checking out the zoo! 

It has been a great winter here in Yuma, but I'm ready to move on.....