Thursday, June 3, 2010

Triston Age 6
                                                  Sam age 5 (Triston's Father)
Thought some of you might get a kick outta of this......"like father, like son" photos.  Sam was asleep on his grandparent's back porch in their lawn chair.  Triston fell asleep in his grandparent's lawn chair up at the river last weekend.  Of course, we all think they are both just TOOO CUTE!!  LOL!

And speaking of too is a photo of Cosmo sticking his nose out from under the bedroom door......

As to what I have been up too these past few days......another painting project.  No, not the Polar Bear.  I did this little sign up for a friend of a friend who is opening up a Child Care Center......not bad if I do say so myself!


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  3. Do you live full time in this portable house???


  4. Yes, Eagle I do live in my portable house!


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