Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Big Foot 'date' is set!

We will be having the Big Foot system installed on October 6th at 7am.  Did I really say 7am, yeah think I did......Needless to say we will be heading up there a day or two ahead.  I want to stop in Elkhart and have some things checked out on our fifth wheel.  The plan is to get up there on the 6th, spend the night, and then head over to Michigan for the install.  I think Bill said the Big Foot place is only about 30 minutes or so away from Elkhart.   We have already warned the Big Foot folks that we will be bringing our two furballs and they were fine with that....we just can't be in the fifth wheel while it is being worked on.  There will be welding going on and there is always a fire risk.  So, we plan on bringing their x-pen and our portable canopy and our lawn chairs.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will have a pleasant day.  I'm still hoping to be able to get some photos of the work being done.

We have been enjoying watching some deer up at the river these past few days.  Apparently, there is something they like nibbling on at the end of our lane.  They are not coming close enough for me to get a photo, but today Billy got the binoculars out and I just really enjoyed watching the mom and her twins wondering about the place.  I hope they are getting enough to eat these days...they look healthy, but we are so dry here.  I noticed that a lot of the grass and moss are gone.  We still have a nice patch of grass up in front of the fiver, but everywhere else is just dirt.  Some rain came through last night, but we need a lot more.  After almost drowning in the spring rains, it is hard to believe we are now in a drought situation. 

Looking forward to shaking the dirt loose from our tires and heading out for our Big Foot adventure.....


  1. We have added Big Foot Levelers to our wish list. Keep us posted

    Stay Safe

  2. It is exciting to be going somewhere, isn't it.


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