Monday, September 13, 2010

Cool Nights, soap dispenser, Big Foot.....What?

AAAHHHHHH......finally a week without needing to run the ac.  A week of cool nights and not-so-ding-dang-hot days.  Gentle breezes blow through my windows..relax....kick back and enjoy type of weather.  Things they are a changing here at the river.  The leaves have started to fall and so have the acorns.....some days you need a hard hat just to take a walk...he, he....but I love it.  This is truly my time of year and before you know it my favorite holiday will be upon us.... HALLOWEEN...Boo!      I can hardly wait.  The bewitching hour cats abound......spooky, ooky sights and sounds are all around.  Hey, did I just make a rhyme?  .Don’t ya just love it.....oh, if only I could fly on a broom like the witches do.  Ok, back to reality.  Yesterday, Bill and I tackled a new job.  We installed a soap dispenser at the kitchen sink.  You may remember the facet we installed a few weeks ago....well, this soap dispenser came with it.  Installing it was not exactly a ‘piece of cake’ nothing ever is when you live in a fifth wheel....but it went fairly smoothly.  The scariest part was drilling the hole in the counter only get one shot at that and it has to be right.  Fortunately for was!

Now, onto the next job at hand.  We have went back and forth about this for most of the summer.  We both would like to have the “big foot’ system installed on the fifth wheel.  It would make life so much sweeter and easier!  Our budget has taken a lot of hits lately and we had pretty much decided to hold off till next year.  Well, the more we thought about it the more we wanted it.  One of the current electric jacks has been repaired 3 times.  No one seems to know why it fails, but it does....consistently.  Billy was going to order to repair kits before we left....cause we know it will fail again and need to be replaced.....So.....Dam the torpedos....full speed ahead.....Big Foot here we come.  We may be on bread and water rations by the end of the month, but we feel we really do need to do this now.  Unfortunately, my dream of a washer/dryer for the fifth wheel will be put on hold.  Just can’t have everything.  What is it they say.....”Good things come to those who wait“, ok, I’m waiting....but please hurry! 

We will be putting Indiana in our rear view mirror in about 6 weeks....heading west to the Phoenix area I think.....course ya know.....we are prone to changing our minds at any given minute.  That’s the beauty of this lifestyle.  You are free to turn left instead of right, go forward or back up.....anywhere....anytime....”life is GOODE’“.


  1. Looks great! Keep an eye on your soap dispenser. We have some friend that had theirs fall out during travel and the soap went ever where. It was a mess!

    Stay Safe

  2. By the way, We are also looking into getting the Big Foot Levelers. Let us know how that works out for you.


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