Thursday, May 24, 2012


My goodness, where does the time go.  We arrived in Indiana several days ago and have just been busy!  Busy visiting with family and friends, checking out our favorite stores and restaurants.  Billy's plumbing skills were put to the test helping my brother fix a leak at his rental property.  Today, Mom and I are headed to Delphi to have "High Tea" at our favorite Tea Shoppe. 
We have decided to pull out from the AOK on June 3rd and head to Kansas to meet up with some of our Florida family and friends who are celebrating their wedding.  The wedding actually took place down in Florida, but they are having a "post wedding reception" in Kansas where many of their family and friends reside.  After Kansas we have decided to slip on down into Texas and visit Bill's family.  Then we will head back to Indiana come July.  Should be some fun travel days ahead!  Normally we sit  here in Indiana most of the summer.  Now, I love seeing and visiting my Mom and Son and friends.  But it does get a wee bit on the boring side.  This summer we plan on moving around a bit!


  1. I am sure seeing new sights has to be better than just sitting in one spot for long periods of time...which by the way we know all about. I hope that your journeys are safe and you get to see a lot of new things.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Always good to have a change of pace, especially when it involves lots of new places:)

  3. Safe travels to you! That's an area of the country I haven't been to yet.


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