Monday, July 16, 2012


Yeah...we are still here, soaking up the heat in the AOK campground!  We really have been busy since our arrival.  Lots of family and friends have been dropping by for visits and we have had some great times. 
Our site here at the AOK is better than normal.  We have a nice corner lot with large area of grass for the furballs.  We also have a large tree overhead which is definitely helping our AC keep up with the heat. 
Lots of projects coming up.  We decided we just don't need a table and chairs in the fifth wheel.  I know some of you will think we are nuts, but we rarely use them.  We used tv trays cause we like to watch the evening news while we eat. to Goodwill they go and on to the "project"..........Building a large bench style seat.  We plan to hinge the lid and use the area below as storage for some of our larger appliances.  Keeping the stand mixer in our clothes closet has been a real pain.  The bench seat will also give us some "extra" seating when visitors arrive.  I also have a feeling our little furballs will like lounging there as well, especially since it will give them access to windows.
Another project on the list, helping my son to do some painting in his living room.  That should be quite the adventure with two big, rowdy dogs underfoot!  LOL! 


  1. Post pictures when done. Anxious to see the new project....

  2. Actually sounds like a more practical use of space to me too. I'd like to see pictures also.

  3. We chucked our table and chairs also - found a "server" or "buffet" at Oak Express. It has a hinged top that folds down to form a counter, and with a couple of folding bar stools it works well. It allows us to sit next to each other and look outside while we eat, and provides a lot of storage. It's somewhere on our blog.....


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