Friday, December 7, 2012

Yuma Escapees

Made it to Yuma with no problems and arrived at the Escapees park there around 3pm.  This whole Escapee thing seems to be a bit more complicated then we least here in Yuma.  It seems the folks here only have to give a one week notice of coming to use their site.  What that means for that we can only reserve a site for one week at at time and if the owners of that site show up, we have to move to another site.  The second problem....I was told I cannot use my washer.  Something to do with the age of their sewer system, yet they have several top loading washers available for me to use in their laundry facility at a cost of $1.50 per load.  Apparently the sewer system can handle those with no problem...ummmmm.....
Bottom line....this place is not for us.  We found another park.... Del Pueblo RV Park.  It is super nice...large spacing, beautiful pool and clubhouse, and very friendly folks, and I can use my washer.  We went over yesterday and were given a choice of several lots to choose from for our 4 month stay.  Took a look at each one and made our decision, went back and placed our deposit.  As soon as I gave her the site number....she smiled and said, "I must warn you...that is the "party" street!".  She continued, "They tend to get a little rowdy over there around happy hour".  My husband laughed and said, "No worries, my wife will fit right in, she comes from a long line of rowdy happy hour folks"!  So true.....I can't wait to meet everyone and let the fun begin!  We will move to the new park on the 12th.
Today we are having the rig and our truck washed.....they sooooo need it!


  1. We've never tried to stay at an Escapee park for more than just a couple of nights. But I haven't found one of those parks that I would want to stay at for any length of time. Just my opinion. Glad you found a good spot to park. So party on.

  2. We stayed at KOFA a few years ago and found the people there to be the rudest, most unfriendly group of any park, Escapees or not. Since we left on a Sunday, they insisted on prorating our electric usage on our days stayed and charged us for a full day even though we left early in the morning. On the other hand, we've stayed at many of the other Escapees parks and found them to be full of friendly people and staff, so don't write off the Escapees parks based on KOFA.


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