Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Meramec State Park, MO

We got lucky!  We pulled out of Carthage yesterday and decided to go ahead and check out Meramec State Park along our way.....hoping they might be open and we could spend a couple of nights there.  Well, upon arrival, there was a big sign stating NO vacancies!  BUT....I've learned to not always believe those signs....and it paid off this time.  I went into the office and the sign was up because of the park closure due to flooding.  The park ranger asked how long we wanted to stay....two nights....she called down to one of the other rangers who reported back that the area was clear and to let us "come on down"!  Let me tell you this is one beautiful place and we are just about the only ones here.  No one is in our section.....
As you can see.....we have a concrete pad, patio, and picnic table....FULL hookups.  The spacing is better then a lot of places we have been....BUT we have also had a lot less.  DAD....it reminds me of the river property....you would love it.  Lots of trees....lots of woods....and the Meramec River is just a across from us...a few feet away.  Last night and this morning a whole herd of deer (about a dozen mama's and babies) came through the campground area....awesome!  Today I'm hoping to do some hiking and get some photos to share we you all.  In the meantime, here are a few photos from our campground in Carthage....a few signs that despite the snow...spring is well underway.....

 Happy Travels....


  1. That looks like a place we would have loved!

  2. Nice! We also have learned not to trust those signs.

  3. We stayed there years ago when we first got our old Class C motorhome. It was springtime then, too, and the boys loved playing in the river!


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