Thursday, December 5, 2013

Back in Miami

Back in Miami and back at the Larry and Penny Thompson Park.  This time we made sure we had a "roomy" site....less trees and much easier to get in and out!  We had originally planned on spending another 3 days in Key Largo, but that did not work out.  I had called the Key Largo Kampground and Marina RV check on availability and to make sure they could handle a rig our size.  The gentleman I spoke to assured me it was no problem and, in fact, I could have a waterfront site if I was interested.  We only had about an hours travel time to reach the place so we didn't leave Grassy Key until noon.  Arrived at the Key Largo park around 1:30.  Passed a really nasty accident on the way.....a semi who somehow manage to dislodge his entire cab from its frame....really scary looking.  We knew something had happen because before we left Grassy Key traffic had backed up for several miles.  Sure hope everyone involved in that mess is ok.  Anyway, back in Key Largo I'm informing the gal at the desk that I called yesterday....that we had a 40 foot fifth wheel, 3 slides, 2 dogs, and a dually.  She is all smiles, tells me the site number and to go ahead and check out the site then come back and pay.  This park is really old and back to the way in "heck" are we getting into it.  Back to the office to explain and she actually says to me, "Oh no, the largest rig we can accommodate anywhere in the park is 35 foot".  "I thought you meant you were 4o foot total...including your truck".  I"m like "REALLY????",  I called yesterday and spoke to a gentleman who assured me you could handle us.  "Oh well, maybe he thought you meant 4o foot total too".  Again, "REALLY????"!!!!!  Here it is late in the day, we have no place to go, and I really would like to jump over the counter and strangle this old lady with my bare hands.....time to go....least I be seeing the inside of a jail cell.  We got back in the truck...regrouped....and decided Miami was our best and safest bet.  Thank goodness that plan worked out.  Once we arrived and were set up we treated ourselves to a nice dinner out at the local Longhorn was delicious!  Yesterday I went back to the Miami zoo and spent another great day there enjoying all the animals.  It really is a beautiful zoo!
Tomorrow, Friday, we head to Fort Myers.  Found a Passport America Park....looks very nice.  They have 75 foot concrete pull throughs and were even willing to give us the passport rate for all 3 nights...on a weekend no less.  Sure hope there are no surprises waiting for us there!  I'll let you know.....and yes, there will be photos!!


  1. Somebody who owns or runs an RV park should not be that stupid. Love the Fort Myers area. Enjoy and safe travels.

  2. We've run across that a couple times, not fitting when they said we would. Don't forget to check out the park we're in along the way. It is a passport park and will take the longer RV's. Adelaide Shores RV Resort. We could have a great time and there's a lot of great restaurants around.

    Have fun!

  3. I admit to wanting to do something unpleasant to a few RV park staff. We have been to Larry and Penny's several times and is a great location to explore Miami.

  4. Couple things you may want to see are the Sanibel/Captiva area-just plain beautiful but the $6 toll is a bit high. Lights at Edisons home very nice, RV show at Jet Blue park, great car show in Punta Gorda harbor side exposition center, boat cruises everywhere, tin city in naples, to name a few. See you Saturday night at the Edisons.

  5. Know exactly what you were in to. We run into it several times. I remember in particular one in Calgary, they wanted us to go up a very steep incline with our huge 5-thwheel. Sure you can make it! NO WAY JOSEY! The other was in Rockport, TX. The park was old and crampy, we made it into the side barely. The RV host waved us into the lot and made us back into a boat trailer! Then he got into a fight with the neighbour who owned it because it was parked a foot over the border line into "our" lot. I think the guy did it intentionally because he wanted to get at that boat owner.
    Now we have downsized a lot, but we always go and check out the facility before we drive in, just in case. You cannot trust the person in the office too much about sizes, they most of them have never in their lives driven a camper.


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