Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mom and I had a great time in Michigan.  Relaxing and beautiful weather.  We checked out the hotel where the kids are getting married and did the little taste test thingy!  All very nice....I'm going for the prime rib!

After checking out the hotel, we said our goodbyes and headed up to Frankenmuth for a little shopping.  Did a lot of "shopping" but no least for me.  Still it was great to have that time with Mom!

Now that I'm back we have been dealing with the Cosmo boy.  Purdue wants to do an MRI and possibly surgery.  We were not ready to commit to that but after much research and speaking with another vet, we have decided do go through with the MRI.  There may or may not be any type of treatment to help Cosmo, but depending on the diagnosis treatment is vastly different.  We just need to know what we are dealing I'm calling to set up the appointment Monday.  We both just decided that we couldn't live with ourselves if there was a solution for Cosmo and we didn't do all within our power to find it.  Purdue will put him under for the MRI and while he is still sleeping they will call us with the results.  If surgery is indicated, they can do it right then. 

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