Thursday, September 11, 2014


The waiting game....Ron and his crew are good at what they do and because of that they seemed to always be continually running behind.  So...we sit...we wait.  I do know the refrigerator is here.  We decided to go back with a Dometic, but this time it will have an ice maker for Bill.  We also decided to go ahead with the automatic awning.....expensive....but we think we will really enjoy the convenience of it. 

The that has been quite the experience....finding a replacement has not been easy.  We just were not happy with what we were seeing in the RV showers.  Decided to look towards residential units.  Problem was that most of those needed a two to three week delivery time.  We had just about decided to patch the thing and wait til next fall, when we ran across this little number at Menards.  You can see it here.  It is going to be tight and they will need to relocate the drain, but they think they can make it work.  Fingers crossed on that one.  Since they are completely replacing the unit we are also going to have new vinyl flooring installed.  Found a bargain ($50.00) at a local surplus store. 

Since we were sitting here twiddling our thumbs, we naturally did some shopping.  I was really tired of some of the 'cheap' light fixtures in our unit.  It has been hard to find replacements for the 110 volt ceiling lights because they have their own on/off switches.  I found some that I really liked and Bill figured out how to remove the switches from the old lights and add them to the new........
Love these and Bill also switched out the sockets so they take LED bulbs!

Next up were those ugly plastic 12 volt lights....but I finally found some replacements that I liked online and turned out the supplier was right here in Elkhart!  We spent part of the day, yesterday installing these little babies.  Again LED and I love them....they even look like they 'match' my new ceiling lights!

Weather here took a turn for the cold side.  Temps are in the low 60's overcast and drizzle.  Had to dig out my long pants and sweatshirts!  Aw well, I do love the crisp fall season!  Warm Cinnamon flavored coffee...mmmmm!  Just wish the waterworks would shut down for awhile!


  1. Debbie, the changes to the shower area and lights look great! Where did you find the lights? They're what I've been looking for. Janis

    1. Hi Janis
      Here is the link for the lighting
      They don't sell retail you will have to ask them to provide you with a retailer in your area. We just love them, but they are pricey!


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