Sunday, November 2, 2014

Las Cruces....we are here!

Made it to Las Cruces around 2pm yesterday.  We will be staying at the Hacienda RV Resort for the next four nights.  RV parks tend to over use that 'resort' word, but this one is fairly nice.....although a bit pricey. Biggest problem I have with the place is the tiny gravel they used on all the sites.  Poor Cosmo has a heck of a time staying upright on the stuff and the doggie area is a long walk (for him).

After setting up and feeding the furballs we headed down to Old Mesilla to a great little restaurant called La Posta.  We both had Prickly Pear Margaritas and a meal of Chile Rellenos topped off with Mexican ice cream for dessert.  Mmmmm good!

I've have been looking at replacement cameras and lenses....expensive.  I filed the report with our insurance....getting back to them on Monday with a complete list of the stolen items.  Hopefully we are covered, but y'all know nothing is for certain in this world.  Either way, the camera will be replaced.  Bill is adamant about that....he knows how much I loved that camera and I used it a lot!  It still bothers me that some idiot probably has his grubby little hands all over it as we speak!  Joining Lifelock has definitely given me 'peace of mind' on my identity, but I'm still keeping a close eye on the financials and such.  Even though it was the truck that was broken into, I can't help wondering about what would have happened if it had been the fifth wheel...what about the furbabies.  I have wanted to install some type of monitoring system for a while now....once we are settled in Yuma for the winter I'm going to do just that!  I think that is the biggest thing those thieves took from us...our sense of security. 

Thanks for all your caring words and concern.  We are moving pass this...not going to let it stop us from enjoying our life!  I've just got one last thing to those thieves...."may the bird of paradise not only fly up your nose, but shit all over your heads!"...nuff said!


  1. You found La Posta!~ It was my family's favorite 50 years ago when we lived there. Glad to hear it's going strong!

    1. Yes it is! We really enjoy the food and the atmosphere!

  2. We'll detour a hundred miles for a meal at La Posta; I first ate there in 1967. Back then, as an airman stationed at Holloman Air Force Base, I never knew there were "rolled" enchiladas; in Alamogordo everyone served them "pancake"style. I always have the Red Enchiladas with and over-easy egg on top, and afterward pick up a few bottles of Hatch green and red chile at the shop down the street. We used to stay at the Hacienda when they were less expensive and had the breakfast buffet, now we stay elsewhere.

  3. Ha! I don't think I could get my hubby to detour a 100 miles for La Posta, but it is very good!


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