Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friday the 11th found hubby in the attic for most of the day. He was installing the "can" lights. He was very tired and wet when he was done, but it sure made a huge difference in the room. I was out having lunch with a friend. Best not to be home when hubby is doing attic work. I had a very nice visit. Then I stopped by the mall and found Macy's was having a big sale. A really good sale--signs of the times I guess. Many items had already been reduced by 50% and you could than take an additional 50% off the discounted price. I managed to find some bargains for my son. A few nice washable silk shirts and some organic cotton ones. Oh, they feel so soft to the skin. After the mall, I went by Kittles to play "show and tell" with my selections for my Mom (she is the receptionist there). Mom has purchased a new dining set for Sam---it was at the store---so we loaded that up and I headed home. I was surprised hubby had any energy left, but he did get the dining set unloaded and put together.

Saturday the 12th found us both painting away. It took most of the day to get the room ready, drop cloths in place, and start the process. We did the ceiling first and that took two coats. Next, we started on the walls. I trimmed and Billy rolled. We make such a great team! We are using Behr Paint from Home Depot. I am not impressed and if there is one thing I know it is paint. We were both surprised because the paint is highly rated, but we found it to be very thin and it took forever to dry. You also had to be very quick with the roller or you would actually start lifting paint off. Very frustrating and I would never recommend this paint to anyone. It was a long day and we were both "pooped" and ready for bed! Tomorrow we will apply coat number two to the walls and hopefully it will be easier than the first. One thing, I do love the color. I promise to post some photos tomorrow!

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