Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time is just flying seems all I get down these days is helping Sam get his life in order. I think I'm finally on the back side of that---once school starts we can get into a routine and I'm hoping things will settle down. His room is a total mess. It looked so nice when he came home, but he has boxes to sort, clothes to go through----eeeek!

We finally got started on the "den" yesterday. I have the room completely emptied out and hubby started on the can lights. Unfortunately we had to "regroup" on the lights. I wanted to center them on each wall, but the ceiling joist are in the way. So, we just decided to nix the whole can light thing and buy a nice light kit for the ceiling fan. Bill is up in the attic today wiring so we have separate switches---one for the light and one for the fan. At least it is a little cooler for him today. I turned my attention to the closet. It is so overwhelming. So many of my "treasures" are lurking there. It is hard to part with them, but I know I must!! Into the garage sale they go. Some days I begin to wonder if we will ever get this done. We had done a major purge before we left for Florida last winter. I really thought we would not have that much "stuff" to sort through at this time. I was wrong!! I must have "hid" it all in the closet........woe is me!

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