Sunday, October 26, 2008

I spent most of yesterday brushing, clipping, and bathing the furballs. They both sure did need it, especially after our trip to Turkey Run. I get such a kick out of watching them run thru the house after their baths. I know they feel better!

As most of you know, we are currently staying in our stick house trying to complete projects and get it ready to sell. We have; however, made the decision not to sell this year. Although the economy did play a role in our decision we also wanted to make sure our son had a roof over his head for the winter. He is currently a Purdue student and would love to live on campus, but that is just not do-able right now. Hopefully, he can work things out for next term.

We will be heading up to the river to our fiver today. The temps are dipping, so we need to make sure it is ready for the frosty temps forecast for tonight and tomorrow. I am so ready to move back into our fiver. It just so cozy and relaxing. It's home.

I received a note from a fellow rv-dreamer that some of you will be getting together this March in Texas. I wish we could be there, but our plans are to leave Texas by the end of December. We want to spend some time in New Mexico and than on to Arizona. We will start our journey back to Indiana sometime in the late spring. Hopefully, the market will have improved or at least stablized and we can put the house on the market at that time.

I sure do hope the temps here in Indiana improve----I've actually had to break out my "winter" flip flops!!

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