Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back! I'm not going to promise to blog every day, but I will post a few times each week. The countdown has begun---we hope to be leaving and heading to Texas after Thanksgiving if not before.

Yesterday was my B-day! Happy Birthday to me! I'm 51 years young. It was also little Belle's B-day, she turned 8. Belle and I decided we wanted to spend our birthdays hiking at Turkey Run State Park. So, of course, we took Cosmo and Bill along for the day. It was a beautiful fall day and the furballs so enjoyed bouncing through the water and the mud! A grand day was had by all!

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  1. Welcome back and Happy Birthday. Hope you have recovered well from surgery.
    Don't know what part of Tx you will be in but if near Kerrville the first of March, please join some of us dreamers from the chat room. We are getting together March 1st at Buckhorn Lake Campground. Not sure if you knew about it.


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